Monday, July 19, 2010

What a day! Another delivery!!! Yeay!!!!

“There’s something for you on the table” said my hubby as I locked the door on the way out to McDonalds to get some sundae. I unlocked the door and went in side and saw the package. YEAY!!! My fabric from Etsy is here!!!!! It arrived exactly a week after I placed my order. I’m in fabric heaven.

It’s my first time SEX @ Etsy and I’m glad to say it was a pleasant one :) Naza pointed me to this seller and we’re supposed to share a package together. But due to some reason, I went ahead and ordered the whole 9 yards for myself. I just took 2 fabric bundles to make up the maximum order of 9 yards and convo the seller to combine my shipping.

I’ve been bitten by the designer fabric bug. I just love them!!!!!


  1. Goodness Rozi..cute giler. Baru la u mms kelemut je. So cannot wait for tomorrow. Can i have a taste? hehehe

  2. Naza, lauk sume dah masak, tunggu tamu je nih hahaha

    Mila, tips dah bagi, apa lagi hahahahah