Friday, July 23, 2010

Personal Shopper Service

I received an email from a fellow blogger/crafter requesting my help to buy her some stuff from IKEA. IKEA is on sale from 8 July - 1 August 2010. This crafter is from out of town. I wouldn’t call Putrajaya and Damansara Utama as ‘kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya’ but it’s still is within driving distance for me.

So, I’m having a shout out to all out-of-Klang Valley crafters out there if you wish for me to get you some stuff from IKEA. I think one of the runaway best-seller is the pinking shears. It’s really, really affordable at RM25.00.

IKEA Pinking shears @ RM25 per unit

OK, here’s the deal. I can make arrangements to go to IKEA this Wednesday, 28 July 2010 PROVIDED that

  1. I have a minimum of 5 crafters with their orders.
  2. For a minimum purchase of RM5.00 to RM50.00, I’ll charge RM5.00 as my service fee (that will help subsidize my fuel, tol and parking ticket). For the RM50.00 band, another RM5 fee applies. Example:
    • Your total purchase is RM80.00, my service fees is RM10.00 
  3. If my fees are agreeable to you, 
    1. you can choose your items at IKEA catalogue 
    2. PLEASE choose items that I can send through POSLAJU
    3. email me your items listing together with the quantity and prices with the total amount (please do your maths, I don’t trust my own maths)
    4. I will email you my Maybank account number for you to transfer your shopping money to me IN FULL(you don’t expect me to use MY money do you?) latest by Tuesday midnight.
  4. If any of your item/s is out of stock, I will refund your money
  5. Upon successful purchases made, I will then email you the estimate postal charges (POSLAJU) which depends on the total weight of your purchase 
  6. I will send out your goods upon receiving the postal fees and my services fees.
Sounds simple enough? For further enquiries, please email/leave a comment.

I will call off/cancel this service if I don’t get my minimum number or crafters and their orders. So, ladies and gentlemen, you have the weekend and up to tuesday to browse IKEA online catalogue. Happy shopping.


  1. Hi Rozi,

    Super good idea... :)

    How is the pinking shear scissors quality? Can potong dengan senang?

    Thinking to get one.

  2. Good idea.. at least takde ler saya terlajak shopping mopping kat ikea sana.. kalau kirim takat barang yg dkirim je ler hahaha.. but thinking of going to ikea jugak niii hahaha

  3. Pasal tu shout out tu ditujukan pada crafter out of Klang Valley... yang kat Klang Valley, mesti nak pegi sendiri punye hehehehe