Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SEX @ IKEA and Craftworld

I reached home but the kids just fell asleep so I'm mobile blogging in the car so they can sleep a little bit longer. I don't bother transfering them into the house as they never fall back to sleep so this is better. (Rae from Made by Rae does it too. I thought it made a lot of sense so I do what she does)
Went to IKEA to grab a couple of pinking shears. Grabbed some scissors and wire baskets to keep my growing stash. I love IKEA on a week day. Not so stressful. Even signing in Danial at Smaland was a breeze. The guy at Smaland knew I was a regular when I knew all the places to sign on the registration sheet without any prompting.
After a quick bite and paying for my purchases. We went to Craftworld. It's very hard to stay focus there as there's so many beautiful things there and yay! They are carrying Knitpro needles now.
I bought notions for my Papa bag and a spare blade for my rotary cutter. I've never replaced my blade since I bought it which is as old as Danial and it's not funny anymore when you have to go three or four times to cut a single layer of fabric. It's hurting my self healing cutting mat too. It's now no longer healing itself due to the pressure I put on the cutter when I cut.
By the way, if any of you are not aware yet, Craftworld has a membership card where you have to purchase a minimum of RM 100 to qualify. Members get 10% discount on selected items.

These are the faces of my tired troopers heheheh...priceless


  1. craftworld kat mana kak...?

  2. Mr yee told me the same thing. 10% is a lot jugak ler, especially kalau beli cotton2 yg cantik menawan tuh kan.
    satu lg, they will make a clearance sale every saturday... whereby they sell their selected fabric at RM20 per meter only. but offcoz dont expect the lates design ler...

  3. Mila, ada satu kotak depan counter dia tu sume fabric dia for sale average 20 hinggit per meter. tapi yang tak semanggah la. tapi ari tu nampak Robert Kaufman fabric dalam kotak tu... goyang imanku hehehe