Friday, November 16, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway! and IBU Charity Bazaar Shoutout

Salam Maal Hijrah! It's a new year according to the Hijrah Calendar which fell yesterday, Thursday, 15 November 2012; which was also my birthday. Yeay! Happy birthday to me! It's my 39th birthday. What a big number. It was a public holiday yesterday, in honour of my birthday, heheheh... A quiet affair at home. We had the Big Breakfast at Equine Park's McDonald's and later to Maycraft in Taipan, USJ to get some crochet yarn. You see, I ordered the Sharp Crochet Hook from Ebay and it came in the mail on Wednesday. I wanted to make some crocheted edging baby receiving blankets with some flannel that I ordered from

So, that was pretty much my activity on my birthday. It was a wet Thursday. It rained practically throughout the day. Or was it? I was pre-occupied with the blankets.  So here they are, I've made 3 but ran out of yarn for the first one, thus it's not in the picture. These blankets will debut at IBU Bazaar this Sunday, 18 November 2012 at Publika. The introduction price is RM60.00 These are fully imported, high quality cotton flannel and the edging are made with high quality 100% cotton crochet thread. I made this simple shell edging with the variegated crochet thread and loving the effect. 

Since it's pretty much what I did on my birthday, I'm going to give ONE crocheted edging receiving blanket as my birthday giveaway. Here's what you have to do to qualify for the giveaway:

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  3. and leave a COMMENT at the bottom of this blog post

You can do #1 or #2 or do both but you must do #3 to stand a chance to win an exclusive handmade Crocheted Edging Receiving Blanket. (edit: The comments will be my way of tracking you) You can also state your preference whether you wish for a 'GIRL' or a 'BOY' blanket. 

This giveaway is open now and closes at 12.00 midnight, 30 November 2012. 

Moving on to the next agenda, my next Bazaar appearance will be on Sunday, 18 November 2012 at Publika. It's IBU Charity Bazaar. Here are some line up of the things that I'll be bringing to the bazaar apart from the receiving blankets:

No Sew Tutu

Blanket+Pillow combination=Blankow

Travel Changing Mats

So come and say "HELLO" to me and perhaps bring home a handmade Made by Rozi Rahman :)

UPDATED on 3 Dec 2012: The giveaway is closed. The winner will be announced in the next post

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tutorial: How to attach jumbo ricrac perfectly, every time

It's been ages since I last post a tutorial. So I thought I'd do a simple one on how to attach ric-rac, in my case onto a kitchen towel. I've been married for 10 years now and I'm lucky to have everything in the house ready at my disposal. I practically moved into our home with just a luggage. I never did buy a single kitchen towel ever since we got married so after 10 years, you would imagine that any kitchen towel in my possession looks more like a rag cloth than anything else. So I decided to make some new ones using some face towels that I found at IKEA for RM1.50 a piece.

So, back to my tutorial, the items that you need for a kitchen towel is:
1. 1 IKEA face towel (size: 30cm by 50cm or 12inches by 19 inches)
2. Cotton strip. I made mine 13inches by 4.5inches
3. Jumbo ric-rac. I use the 5/8inch wide

 On the right side of the cotton strip, pin the ric-rac along the long side; matching the bottom of the curve along with the bottom of the fabric.
Stitch over the ric-rac; I use my foot as a guide which is about 1/4inch from the edge and just about right in the centre of the ric-rac. Do it on both the long edge of the fabric.
Once you've attach the ric-rac as mentioned above, just turn the ric-rac over along the stitch line and TADAAA!!! there you have it, a perfectly even ric-rac edging. Just finger press it so it stays in place of if you really have to, run a low heat iron over the fabric. The ric-rac is made of polyester so it doesn't withstand high heat as cotton does.
 This is how it looks like on the other side.
 Place the cotton strip on the towel, perhaps 1to 2 inches from the edge, make sure you have cut your fabric to include the seam allowance on both ends. I made mine an extra 1" long so i can fold in 1/2in seam. Pin it in place like so.
 Stitch as close as you can at the edge of the fabric all round.
TADAA!!! there you have it. A pretty kitchen towel to brighten up any kitchen.
Don't just make one, make a bunch of it. A great way to use up all the scraps. A perfect house-warming gift and you can make some for Christmas sock filler.