Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ramadhan 2016 Round Up

It is the eve of the 28th day of Ramadhan as I am typing this entry. Ramadhan is almost over and it flew by so swiftly. I’ve just completed some Hari Raya kits for my Hari Raya Card Demo/Workshop at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang tomorrow. Earlier on, I finished Danial’s baju melayu. I am grateful and relieved that I manage to sew without too much complication. It’s been a while since I made Danial’s baju melayu. We bought him a pair last year because he wanted the Cekak Musang version. I can only make the Teluk Belanga version, ie. the same as a baju kurung. Last year’s material was the shiny type and with teluk belanga collar, it proved to be a bit uncomfortable and warm. This year, Danial himself requested for the Teluk Belanga collar like what I used to make for him before. I guess, he learned his lesson. Here’s a sneak preview of Danial with his baju melayu; photobombed by White the Cat. You can tell that our theme this year is green.

A recent turn of events made me make a few changes to my Ramadhan sewing activities. Initially, I planned to take it easy during the month and do some personal sewing. However, I had a small accident recently and had to pay damages. It was a real bummer for me as it would throw my Raya budget off. But the Big Guy Up There, had other plans for me. I received a call to do a raya card and batu seremban demo at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang. Just the thing I needed. 

The first session was last Sunday, 26 June 2016. I had 2 separate slots; Hari Raya Card Making between 3 to 4pm and Batu Seremban between 5 to 6pm. I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out at the mall. All in all, it went well and even I have to admit, slowly I’m feeling the hari raya spirit.

Hari Raya Card Session

Danial helped with demonstrating Batu Seremban game

MadebyRoziRahman team
 Just a day after I confirmed the job for Mitsui, I got a text message from Kak Helen asking if I want to be on TV for Brother sewing machine promotion. I was desperate for some extra money so I said, Yes. Monday morning (27 June 2016) bright and early, I was at Astro for the life telecast on GoShop channel 118. Here’s some pictures:

I had to plan my week to replenish the kits for this weekend’s demo/workshop and finding time to make baju raya for the kids and myself. I would be cutting it pretty thin if I leave it till after the demo because I only have 2 days before hari raya to sew for everybody. I tried to negotiate with Arwen if she let me make the usual baju kurung for her. Initially she’s been asking me to make a peplum top as her raya outfit. She went into great length in explaining and sketching her dream baju raya. I wasn’t into figuring out the pattern so I counter offered. Her face changed and her shoulders dropped when I asked her. She reluctantly agreed but I just couldn’t stand to see her that way. So, I figured, I could just take one day to work out Arwen’s peplum top and get it out of the way. I took out my stash of Robert Kauffman’s cotton and got to work. With His grace, I finished it in time for her to try it out when she came back from school. Guess who’s feeling on top of the world that day? 

I had another downtime last thursday when I had to drive Azrai after his small eye procedure at Sunway Medical Centre. Good thing I planned the week on my Bujo and prepared my batu seremban kit to go so I can make them while waiting for him at the hospital. 

Going back a little further, the only thing that I fit in during Ramadhan was my first leather craft class in Putrajaya. My former telekung student, Shafizah requested me to do a class for her and her student. It’s for the school coop project. 

So now, the only thing left to do is to conduct the demo/workshop tomorrow. Do come and show me some love. I’ll be at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang between 3 to 6pm tomorrow. After that, I can start on my baju kurung and pay off the remaining balance that I owe the guy I hit so I can celebrate my hari raya without guilt.

I take this opportunity to wish all Muslims 

“Eid Mubarak”.