Thursday, March 31, 2016

Come and Join Me at Fabric Fiesta, Spotlight Mines on Saturday, 2 April 2016

A quick shout out for fabric lovers and craft enthusiasts!!! 

Spotlight is having a National Craft Month for the whole month of April and there’ll be lots of activities and Malaysian favorite, DISCOUNTS and OFFERS!

To kick off the month, we’ll be having Fabric Fiesta on Saturday, 2 April 2016 from 11am to 3pm.

I’ll be at Spotlight The Mines from 11am to do Paper Piecing Patchwork and

Owlie Plushie

On that day, I’ll be opening a class for paper piecing mug rug which will be scheduled on either the following week or the week after (To be confirmed later) The fees for the class is RM40.00 but Early Bird registration before or by Monday, 4 April 2016 would get a RM10.00 discount. Seats are limited to 6 pax so register early!

Although this project looks simple, it’s an excellent beginner’s project for those who wants to explore patchwork and quilting. In this project you will learn to:
  • do paper piecing patchwork
  • learn miter binding

So, block your date and check out Fabric Fiesta at Spotlight The Mines. Look me up at the Sewing Department where I’ll be doing the demonstration and say “Hi!”, OK? :)

Rock painting workshop with Spotlight Mines

Another quick recap. Last Saturday, 19 March 2016, I collaborated with Spotlight Mines and did a rock painting workshop with them at Mines Centrecourt (in front of Old Town White Coffee). There was a Escalator Safety Awareness campaign by Antah Schindler. The crowd was fantastic because one, it’s the last week of school break, two, Boboiboy the Movie was at the cinemas. The location is where the moviegoers exit after the movie and we had a huge crowd after BoboiBoy’s afternoon show.

Thank you Spotlight Mines for the opportunity to collaborate. Watch this page for more news of future collaboration with Spotlight.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kusarungkan Kasih Revisits Paediatric Institute, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

I can’t recall if I’ve ever blogged about Kusarungkan Kasih before. However, a short introduction: Kusarungkan Kasih is a non profit organization that organize volunteers to make pillowcases and distribute them to children with cancer and chronic illnesses in Malaysia. To know more, like and follow them on their Facebook page here.

Anyway, during the first semester school break recently, the team decided to do a short visit to Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s Paediatric Institute and hand over the pillowcases we’ve accumulated to the patients there. With donation from the public, we are able to put together a goodie bag consisting of hand towel, wet wipes and sanitary kit to go along with the pillowcovers. For the record, we made 300 goodie bags.

KSK team preparing the goodie bags. (Wednesday, 16 March 2016)

Briefing by Dr. Nurul Kharmila from KSK and matron in charge.

We invited 10 volunteers from Learning Oasis to join us to help distribute the goodie bags. They raised to the occasion and without hesitation came to help spread the joy. Thank you boys and girls of Learning Oasis. Along with them were a few individuals, friends of KSK who came to help out too :)

Group photo of the volunteers, KSK team and staff of Paediatric Institute.
All in all, it was a good day. If you’d like to know more about Kusarungkan Kasih, do check out their Facebook page. We welcome handmade pillowcases all year round and when we have enough, we send them to various paediatric wards in Malaysia.

KSK team

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Knitting Party at Spotlight Mines

A quick recap - I was at Spotlight, The Mines on Saturday, 12 March 2016 for their Knitting Party. I look forward for this because I was hoping to sample the new super chunky yarn.

By the way, I managed to sew myself a new blouse using cotton knit material I acquired from where else? Spotlight of course. Bullied my husband to retake this photo several times until I get the ‘slim’ look :)

OK back to the story.

Mis Fyd stopped by at the party to try a hand at arm knitting. 

Me hiding behind Mis Fyd so I don’t appear ‘fat’. We’ve got to work with what we have.

I get to play some more with the super chunky yarn and did a quick order for Rumaizah or KC of LittleBigShot Photography to make a mini blanket for her baby photography props.

Here’s the finished blanket, using 3 skeins of yarn, the blanket is about 27” by 27”

Another side track; After 10 years watching me knit, he finally asked me to teach him knitting. That’s my son, Danial *beaming*

Watch this space, I’m working out a schedule to have a monthly knitting class at Spotlight Mines, subject to approval.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock Painting Workshop with Ihsaan Juniors at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Saturday, 5 March 2016, Danial tagged along with me to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus to be my assistant for the day and helping out with my rock-painting workshop with Ihsaan Juniors.

Some of the kids of Ihsaan Juniors working on their rock painting
Helping Amir out with his details on his rock 

Focus :)
Group photo :)
 Thank you Fathiah and volunteers for having me and helping out during my workshop. Thank you Ihsaan Juniors for being a wonderful bunch of kids to be creative with :)

If you wish to organize a children’s arts and craft workshop, please drop me an email at or WA at 012-2038117.

Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Jumble Sale Hospital Ampang

2016 would be my second year participating in Hospital Ampang’s Jumble Sale. It’s happening this 25 March 2016 at the hospital itself. One table is allocated for handmade products under ACG banner which will be manned by Mastura Mustaffa of WhimsicalnQuirky. 

Learning from last year’s experience, I’m duplicating Mas’ formula and doing a pre-sale to collect funds for Hospital Ampang’s needy patients. I’m pledging a certain amount from the sale of my handmade items made in March for the coffer:

5”X 7” Calico pouch with Whimsical Heart embroidery motive
RM15.00 only
RM10.00 from the sale of this pouch will go towards  Hospital Ampang Jumbo Sale collection

Calico Embroidered Tissue Pouch 
RM8.00 only
RM5.00 from the sale of this pouch will go towards Hospital Ampang Jumbo Sale collection

Personalized Leather Keychain
RM25.00 only
RM5.00 from the sale of this pouch will go towards Hospital Ampang Jumbo Sale collection

Personalised Baby Announcement Pillow
RM45.00 - RM65.00
RM 10.00 from the sale of the pillows made in March will be go towards Hospital Ampang Jumbo Sale collection
(To order, email me at or WA 012-2038117)

You can support the cause by:
1. donating items for sale (contact details on the poster above)
2. shop and support the vendors during the jumble sale day
3. purchase your handmade item done by me :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How I design my business card in Silhouette Studio

I picked up my new business card yesterday (Wednesday, 9 March 2016) on my way to Spotlight Mines. Super happy with Eprint services. The card came out fantastic; excellent colours, sharp print out and everything. On their website, they stated that it would take 3 working days to print the cards. I opted for self collection and targeted to collect them on Friday, in time for the Knitting Party this Saturday. I ordered them online on Tuesday and made payment online on the same day and to my surprise, received a text from them saying that the cards are ready for collection. Wow, that’s what I call fast service. I would recommend them if you want to have your printing done.

Anyway, just to share how I made my business cards. I’ve used Photoshop Elements and Adobe Illustrator before but honestly speaking, they are not for the faint of hearts. Not recommended for newbies. I find that I’m very comfortable with Silhouette Studio design software. (Read about my Silhouette Portrait here) It’s very user friendly and I found this post on designing business cards in Silhouette Studio by SilhouetteSchoolBlog.  Melissa listed out in details the how to design with the software. Once’s I’m done and happy with the design, I just save it in PDF format. EPrint accepts PDF file for printing so it’s very convenient not having to convert the PDF file into AI format.

Oh, did I tell you, the price for printing business cards with EPrint is very competitive too? I ordered 2 boxes of business cards for RM15.40 only.

I’ll be at Spotlight Mines Knitting Party

Quick Announcement: I’ll be at Spotlight Mines for the Knitting Party this Saturday 12 March 2016 between 11am to 3pm. Do come and join me if you’re in the neighbourhood and take the opportunity to sample some yarn and try out knitting, loom knitting, french knitter, finger knitting and arm knitting. There’s a super luscious  super chunky yarn that’s great for arm knitting.

I’ll bring out my StarWars buddies too :)

See you there!