Saturday, May 28, 2016

Telekung Class @ Putrajaya

A good motivation to get my husband to clear his things in the living room is to announce that I will be having a small telekung class at home. He cleaned up very good that my son said that the house looks like we just moved in.

Anyway, my first kelas telekung in Putrajaya happened last Tuesday, 24 May 2016 in my humble abode. I only opened the class for 2 pax. My house is small so I can't squeeze in too many students. The plus point is that it's very personal.

Class started at 9.30 and everything was smooth sailing that we're done by lunch time; which goes extremely well with these mommies as they can go back to their babies sooner than planned.

I even cooked lunch for the class! Coming from a person who doesn't fancy cooking, that's a big deal! Hahaha. A simple lunch of white rice, chicken curry, stir-fried vegetables and sambal goreng ikan bilis is what I can put on the table for my guests.

I've also given Naza Arwen's telekungs for her daughters. They are a bit worn out because she did use them frequently when she was in kindy but they are still good enough for a few more wear. The girls were estatic from the picture Naza tagged me in her instagram.

 Giving these telekung away is also a motivation for me to make new ones for Arwen. Currently she's left with one usable pair; the one I did when I attended Kelas Telekung Kanak-kanak conducted by Teacher Azian at Shah Alam Community College. I need to make at least 2 pairs for her to rotate for school and for the coming Ramadhan.

I'm clearing up my back-log of telekung kanak-kanak Fatimah al-Zahra orders and hope to squeeze in hers, إن شاء الله 

Herels wishing everybody Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept all our deeds.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Kelas Telekung-Private Class @ USJ

Perhaps not many are aware that I do cater for small group private class. Kak Mai was supposed to come for my Saturday's class at Sekoci's Craft House but she has something on at the last minute.

She took the initiative to get two friends to join her for a private class at her residence. Thank you Sue and Kak Faridah for making the quorum.

To find out more about Private Classrs or Private Classes, email me: or Whatsapp: 0122038117.

Kelas Telekung @ Sekoci's Craft House

Norlie of SekociNorlie has graciously opened her doors for me to hold a Kelas Telekung at her studio which took place on Saturday, 14 May 2016.

Thank god for Waze or I would have gotten seriously lost. 

We had six participants that day and I let the pictures tell the story:

I am glad to see the satisfied look on their faces with their completed telekungs.

With that, I will be taking a break from classes until after Eid. 

Thank you Norlie for being a wonderful hostess. Looking forward to have more classes at Sekoci's Craft House.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

Teacher's Day is on 16 May but it is up to the schools to plan their celebration. On my children's almanac, it shows the celebration is today. I've made a small bag for Arwen's teachers with personalized embroidered names on them. 

I got Danial to make his own gifts. That's where the challenge starts. He was so fickle-minded that he cannot decide what to make for his teachers. I stepped in and got him to work on a personalized leather keychain for his ustazs.

He was really proud and worked hard on the keychains. He stamped the names himself and stitched the keychains. He enjoyed the stitching process.

I got an order to make a batch of scrappy fabric keyfobs from a fellow craft-market vendors back in 2012. It was a simple project and she requested it well in advance so I can slot it in my work schedule. 

Sometimes, the simplest things make the best gift. Anyway, I'm sure the teachers are appreciative to all the gifts they receive on their special day, big or small

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother’s Day Workshop with Spotlight at West Court, Level 3, The Mines

Another collaboration with Spotlight at The Mines recently. In conjunction with Mother’s Day, I’ve browsed through Pinterest for projects and decided to do this:

It can also be a photoframe and if you stick some magnets behind the popsicle board, you can stick it onto the fridge :)

As usual, all materials were sponsored by Spotlight The Mines. Head on over there for your crafting needs. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rock Painting Workshop at West Court Level 3, The Mines, 2 May 2016

Again, collaborating with Spotlight, The Mines, I did a quick Rock Painting Workshop at West Court, Level 3 (opposite Old Town White Coffee), The Mines. The rocks and paints were sponsored by Spotlight The Mines and the workshop is free for kids. Great to see how the kids grab the opportunity to unleash their creativity and paint rocks :). Check out The Mines Facebook page here to find out more about the activities they have lined up.

Keep following my Facebook page here and Instagram page here for more activities :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Washable Paper Fabric Review

Last week, I was googling Kraft Tex and was looking around for a local supplier. Further googling and searching led me to MayMayShop and I found that she sell a Kraft Tex substitute under the label Washable Paper Fabric. That was good enough for me plus the price was pretty reasonable.

Long story short, I just got the chance to experiment with it today. i wanted to make faux leather labels with it. I've been reading up on Kraft Tex and found that  it prints out quite well. So I called up my logo. Fitted it onto a 1" square box with rounded corners. By the way, I did all the editting on Silhouette Studio because I wanted to cut it out later.

It fed through my printer quite well. It's like thick card stock so no problem running it through the printer. I'm quite low on my ink supply so I set the print for best print out. Came out very sharp. Then I heat-set the ink by pressing it with hot iron for a few seconds.

Then I set it onto my Silhouette Portrait and cut out the squares. For my test, I only use a 4 by 6 piece and got 12 labels out of it.

I wanted to test the labels for colour steadfastness so I run it under the water. Rub the print with my finger and happy to report that the colour held up very well.

This reminds me of Levi's jeans labels. I am so loving this material and now I need to make things to put these labels on.

Friday, May 13, 2016

April 2016 Round-up

So many things to write about, so little time. I’ve a Blogger apps on my Iphone but couldn’t blog with my 2 fingers on a small screen. I need a proper keyboard to blog. So, pardon me for a back-log on a series of events that has taken place.

Fabric Fiesta at Spotlight, The Mines on Saturday, 2 April 2016
For the demo sesion, I did a paper piecing patchwork sample and an owlie plushie. I also offered classes for the whimsical teacup mugrug (paper-piecing technique) and owlie plushie for an attractive offer of RM30 per project for the whole month April.

Abby of SarangCraft by Abby came to say hello :)

Photo-session with Abby and her troop and Zee from Spotlight
 Arts & Crafts Guild Malaysia 23rd Annual General Meeting, Sunday, 10 April 2016
This marks my 3rd year with ACG. We had the meeting at D7, Sentul East. Thank you Ben Toh and Ellie Ng for hosting the venue. As usual, lots of fun catching up with friends of similar interest. Good food and lots of sharing. An event I always look forward to every year. To find out more about ACG, go here.

Our customary gift swap tradition. I got this beautiful box decorated with life-like rose made out of clay by Scila of Creative Beads & Claycraft. Check out her Facebook page here and her IG here to find out more about her classes and activities.

Knitting & Sewing Class at Spotlight, The Mines, Saturday 16 April 2016
Scenes from my class. I had 2 new knitters that day. Dona and a family friend, Sheera. I know Sheera since she was knee high and now she’s a mommy to a cute toddler and taking up knitting :)

This is Annabel who’s mommy signed her up to make the Owlie Plushie. Her first time using the sewing machine and she did brilliantly :)

 Knitting Workshop at West Court Level 3, The Mines, 17 April 2016
It was a fun day. A lot of beginners giving a hand on knitting and some of my regular students turned up too. Free yarn was given away for Knit-A-Scarf challenge. 

Nothing unmanly for a man to pick up knitting needles and knit :)

Prize-Giving Ceremony for the Knitting Workshop Challenge, West Court Level 3, The Mines, Sunday, 24 April 2016
Happy faces with their prize-winning scarves and prizes. Thank you Spotlight The Mines for organizing and sponsoring the event. :)

 First Knitting Class at Spotlight IPC, Tuesday 26 April 2016
 I am so very humbled when I received a Whatsapp convo from Edith. She has kept my flyer from Spotlight Ampang Point for 2 years intending to learn to knit. She was asking if I could come to Spotlight IPC and teach there. I was happy to and immediately requested permission from Spotlight IPC management. They gave me the green light and we had a date. Edith is such a pleasant lady to work with and a fast learner too. So calling to all who wants to learn knitting, I am available for class at Spotlight IPC on Tuesdays. Whatsapp or text me at 012-2038117 to arrange for class.