Friday, July 23, 2010

My books are here!

Mama’s helper trying to open the box

The last of my expected shipment (from the last shopping expedition online) is here. My books from I missed the mailman again. I’ve been checking the mailbox so often without realizing that the mailman had left the box on Danial’s bicycle because it’s too big to fit into the mailbox. It’s the first time for me to buy from Quite satisfied. Some of the books I’ve been eyeing is hard to get here. Speakiing about the first, since I’ve been actively blogging on needlecrafts, I’ve done a lot of things for the first time...

  1. have my own giveaway
  2. sold pre-ordered fabrics
  3. bought patterns online (next entry)
  4. sold my toters online
  5. bought fabric from ETSY
That’s just to name a few... 

The books are making me itch to cast on... 

I’m eyeing these next:

Would anyone be interested in a book pre-order?

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