Friday, July 30, 2010

Temporary handling centre and my new sewing corner

Goods bubble-wrapped and packed. Went to POSLAJU to get the plastic envelopes but they’ve run out. Good thing I went in advance, otherwise, I have to take all these goods back and repack them.

My scale. Just to show you that I didn’t just pluck the figures from the sky

Yes, I did go to IKEA for my out-of-town fellow crafters and a local crafter who couldn’t find time to go to IKEA. After the shopping frenzy, it’s time to sort the goods out and pack and weigh them up for courier estimates. I feel like a part-time worker at the post office, hahahah... but had fun doing this. Semoga dapat pahala tolong kengkawan...Amin...

Being in IKEA, my favorite place to be, I get to day-dream (berangan is a much better word) about my dream sewing room... *sigh* I wanted to get another table because I’ve been cutting fabric on the floor and it’s not kind to my back. When I got home, I express my intention to hubby dearest. He said he has a table at the office he’s not using. So, nevermind, I can live with recycle office furniture. So, yesterday he brought the table home and set it up. It happened to be a corner table. Haiyah! Beggers can’t be choosers... so, I have lemons, I make lemonade. For the time being, I’m just happy I have a table to cut on :)

My humble new sewing corner. 


  1. hi rozi, admire your passion to making a cosy sewing room and yes, a cutting table is a must and mine is recycled too which my hubby picked from a car workshop! Mine looks ugly but it helps a lot since I have vertigo and can't do the cutting on the floor!

    hey rozi, nice knowing you! :)

  2. Babe,

    wah..disassembled & put back together in one day. Sayang betul husband u kat wife dia hehehe.

    Ok pe corner table tu. Mmg la kurang space skit nak jahit tapi will do la sementara, kan?

  3. Hi Rozi, I think the sewing corner looks great... my sewing machine still on dining table.. and cutting fabric is mostly done on the floor.. me too have been dreaming to have a sewing room, it is going to continue to be a dream for awhile.

  4. Erpha, thanks :) I love your sulam cabut!!!! Me is ashamed to admit a Sarawakian as I don’t know how to do sulam cabut. My mom has 12 siblings and 8 of them are girls and none of them can teach me :(

    Aza, Alhamdulillah, syukur husband supportive. Sementara? I think selagi meja tu berdiri, I don’t have a reason to get a new one hahahaha...

    Anic, Thanks... I started on the dining table too. I just cleaned up my spare room upstairs which used to be my brother’s room when he was staying with us. He’s been in Singapore for 3 years now and his stuff is still in that room. Now with Arwen, it’s supposed to be her room. But since she’s co-sleeping with me (malas nak bangun for breastfeeding tengah malam) I’m taking over the room, at least for now.