Saturday, February 27, 2010

A visit to Cottage Patch

I managed to pop into Cottage Patch in Ampang earlier today after an appointment in Hulu Klang. Alice and Wai were very friendly and made you feel welcomed and encouraged me to browse through the mini charm packs and fat quarters. Wai took a stack of magazines on smocking and invited me to browse through them. I wanted to make a smocked dress for Arwen's first birthday. Here's my 'catch' of the day

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More dish carrier

My prototype with the heavy cotton material I bought recently.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric hunt in Nilai Square

Edited post. The first draft was done by mobile blogging. I've actually nicknamed my fabby.

What a long and exhausting day it was, yesterday. For everybody, from me to the baby. My agenda was to go fabric hunting in Nilai 3 and Nilai Square. So, after late breakfast, I packed everybody in the car and start the engine. Hubby dearie was so sporting and agreed to take care of the kids while I go fabric hunting. Good thing, Danial and Arwen slept in the car during the journey. Here's the result of yesterday's hunt.

Black and White



Flower Power

Tutti Fruiti. The apple prints is simply delicious!!!!

A special note to my laling hubby. Thank you for your patience and undying support for my new-found hobby of fabric hunting. Your ever-thankful wife and kids truly appreciate you. I've been warned not to take my husband to Nilai 3 because while we women can be in fabric heaven when we're there but it's sheer hell for the husbands :) but my wonderful husband came to accompany me and watch over the kids while I go round and round and round the fabrics before making my final choices. I am so glad that he came along because it's no fun shopping on your own. Not taking it for granted, I think I graduate as a speed shopper because I look and my kids and husband as a ticking bomb. I better wrap things up quickly before they explode! Plus, if everybody is happy, there's a chance I can make my trip to Nilai 3 a regular affair, hehehe... It's common for people to spend a whole day in Nilai 3 but with a husband and two small children, I did my fabric hunt at 2 quite distant locations (Nilai 3 and Nilai Square) in a record time of 3 hours. Now that I know where to find the fabulous fabs, I aim to break my own personal record. 

By the way, if you like what you see, and can't find your way to Nilai 3, I can arrange a pre-order if you like. 

After the excitement of fabric hunting, now grows the anticipation of the wonderful possibilities with these fabrics... Don't you just love sewing?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Themed Fabric - Pre Order?


Thank you for those who participated in my first pre-order attempt. You'll be getting email from me detailing the next step towards getting your order. For those yang terlepas, Insya'Allah, I'll do another pre-order with a longer deadline and more variety. As a token of appreciation for the support given to this pre-order, I've decided to include a "Mystery Gift" to my new customers. I will try to make it more interesting and if the response is even better, I can actually arrange free delivery. How about that?  If there are certain fabric theme that you are interested in getting, do leave a comment and suggest so I can include them in my next pre-order. Contoh: Retro, Baby, Designer, Flannel. 

Thank you for your support and happy sewing!

Girls are spoilt for choice. But it's a little bit difficult to find cute fabric for boys. I so understand the frustration of some mommies @ crafters in finding cute cotton fabric to create cute stuff for their boys. So, I'm feeling my way into organizing a pre-order for baby themed fabric. Email me if you're interested in the fabrics below and I'll walk through the details of the pre-order. The selection is quite neutral that it's even OK for girls.

Common denominator would be:

  • Minimum cut: 0.5 yard (it's imported from US thus, they go by the yard, not metric system)
  • Price is RM20 per half a yard (not inclusive of delivery charges)
  • Fabric is 100% cotton 44/45 inches wide.
  • I would insist on full payment upon confirmation but should the fabric requested is out of stock, I would fully refund your money.
  • Closing date for pre-order is 28 FEBRUARY 2010 so CEPAT! CEPAT!

Have a look see and if they appeal to you, send me an email at

CS - 238

CS - 260

CS - 248

CS -259

CS - 254

InsyaAllah, if this pre-order is successful. I'll be on the lookout for more baby themed fabric to share with you...

Update-Mini Sejadah Bag, SIAP!!!

My WIP is now completed. I didn't get the bias tape maker nor the ready made bias tape but made the binding on my own using green polkadot cotton from my recent fabric hunt.  It matches the green of my fat quarter fabric very well. With the limitation of my photography skill and camera, here's what the finished product look like. It measures approximately 13" x 19" if it's open flat as a small sejadah where you put your face when you sujud. Closed up, it's approximately 13" x 9.5".

Went back to Anna's Patchwork House for more supplies. You just love the warm welcome Anna gives when you walk into her quaint shop. I highly recommend those who's interested to learn quilting or patchworking to go and see Anna. I have that small window where I'm done with Arwen's needs in the morning and the time where I need to pick up Danial from school.

I'm pleased to learn that a fellow blogger, Naza from Itsy Bitsy Doodly Love made the reversible baby booties for her precious one. I think her booties are simply adorable. Love the polkadot fabric she has on her blog too.

I've already lay out my plan for tomorrow to hubby dearie. Go fabric hunting at Nilai Square. Lets see what I can get there...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I see BLUE

After my first pair of booties, I dug my scrap box and made these:

I did that last night while Arwen was playing on the bed in my now sewing room. Because of the warm weather, it was a good excuse to switch on the aircond. After all, everybody seems to camp in my sewing room so the aircond is for everybody's comfort. 

Seeing Arwen busy with her toys, I managed to cut the material for the casserole dish carrier. I got my first order, Yippie! My cousin ordered two. She too must have seen our aunty using it when they have potluck. So, long story short, one night's work yielded this result:

I hope you like it Kak Dada.

As I was putting this together, my machine was making a lot of noise. It sounded more like a motor boat engine than a sewing machine. It could almost wake up the dead as I worked to the late hours of the night.

So, early this morning, I gave it some TLC. Opened up my manual and clean up the compartments from lint. Followed the instructions on the parts that need to be oiled at least annually. I think I did to it sometime last year when I started on Arwen's quilt. I left it to let the magic oil do its stuff. Plus, I don't want the oil to spoil my fabric anyway and it's almost impossible for me to get anywhere near the machine during the day.

Earlier tonight, I started on the second piece. Managed to quilt the base and I'm happy that my little TLC went a long way. The machine is now working very smoothly and quietly, just as it should :) I got as far as cutting the top piece before hubby dearest knocked on the door requesting my presence in front of Princess Arwen for her night feed. Haiya! Tak boleh tengok mama senang. So, dutifully, Princess Arwen's milk machine reported for duty. Now, everybody is already off to dreamland and mama here is updating her blog in the dark.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reversible baby booties

I've seen similar patterns but not until I came across this tutorial, Reversible Fabric Baby Shoes Tutorial  that got me really inspired to make a pair of booties, at least for my baby girl. I love it because instantly, I get 2 booties in 1. So last night, I went through my scraps and made these:

Isn't it the cutest? I just love making baby stuff.

The reverse side. Equally cute, don't you think?

Only managed to put in on Arwen's feet this morning when she woke up. It fits her nicely. Must make it a little bigger so she can wear it longer. 

Morning grump. Her diaper need changing actually. My model is on strike. Or is it the killer pout look?

Lepas mandi pun, takde mood :( Upside down smile?

Temporarily distracted with mama's handphone.

I'm going to go through my scraps and see if I can make another pair.  I think these are absolutely great for babies. At least their feet are covered without overdoing it. Arwen goes barefoot most of the time because I think it's too warm for her to wear socks all day. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work in progress and accidental fabric shopping

Frust! The craft shop in Puchong where I learnt how to knit was closed today. Wah! So early ah? Tokey got big angpow, starting the holidays early :). Anyway, the reason for me going there is to get some biased tape for my work in progress, a mini sejadah cum bag telekung. I made it from a fat quarter from Anna so after the body and straps, there's not much to go around to finish the edges. Looks like this project has to go on the back seat for a while until I get my hands on the tape... I'll put another post on this when it's finished. Nothing much to see but like a fellow blogger, I hate a post without pictures. So, consider this a sneak preview.

Since Arwen and I were already in Puchong and it's only 12pm, still early before we go and fetch Danial for school so I made a detour to IOI Mall. I love to browse around in Daiso, the RM5 shop in the new wing of IOI Mall. Everything is RM5. They have interesting things for crafters too.

On the same floor is Kamdar. I stepped in and just start choosing material. I've been browsing for some tote bag patterns and my brain is starting to hurt having all these ideas in my head. The solution is to make these tote bags and bring the ideas into life. Since it's February, Valentine's month, the theme of my fabric choice is lovey-dovey pink and pastel green. Let see what'll come out of these...

For now, I've tossed everything into the machine. I got into the habit to pre-shrunk everything. Then, hang them to dry, and iron later. The whole process has become therapeutic to me. And of course, the exciting part of cutting and sewing them, goes without saying...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Casserole Dish Carrier

Finally, I'm able to take this item off my "Things To Make" list. For the benefit of those who've not seen this contraption before, it's called a 'Casserole Dish Carrier'. I first saw it at my dad's kenduri tahlil when my aunty packed her pengat durian in it. She made hers when she was in Turkey. I thought it's such a clever thing and made a mental note to make one for myself one day. 

 I made mine from memory. I traced the bottom of a round basin which is about 16" in diameter. 

To use it, you put your casserole dish into the carrier like such.

Pull the string and tie it to secure the dish in the centre of the carrier

Tada!!! You pick up the two handles and carry your casserole dish in style to the next potluck. It'll be a great conversational piece. 

Although it's round, you can still carry a square casserole dish in it, not necessary just round dish.

The carrier would follow the shape of your casserole dish.

I made mine with 100% cotton fabric. The bottom piece is lined with cotton-batting-cotton and quilted so you can carry and keep your food warm. The top piece is lined with a solid cotton fabric to hide the seams. You can see it's fresh from my sewing machine with the tell-tale sign of my tailor's chalk on the quilted backing. 

I'm thinking of selling this on my blog. What do you guys think? How much would you buy this for? Leave me some comments. I'd appreciate it :) 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Netbook cover or a clutch

I was torn between making a clutch or a netbook cover for my cuzz's birthday present. It started off with a netbook cover and towards the end, as I was finishing the cover and deciding the placement of the button, an idea struck me, I could make it as a two in one thing and let her decide. By just adding another female part of the snap at the bottom, Wallah! it transform into a clutch! At least if the size is too small for the netbook, she can still use it as a giant pencil case for class :)

Netbook cover/sleeve/pocket 


I also made my own label with iron on transfer. I kirim kat Azrai to get the iron on transfer papers yesterday and was toying with different designs until 3am last night. Talk about creativity surge. The initials on the cover/clutch is also printed on. I haven't got one of those expensive embroidery machine yet so I have lemon, I make lemonades. Make do with what I have.

Now, I'm putting my snap-press into good use. I haven't made any CD which was the first reason why I bought it. I got it from Tiny Tapir. Very easy to use. Just love them. For now, I have to clear the mess I made today, put my sewing machine aside and start dinner before my CEO comes home. Stay tune for my next project!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping and stashing up

I wanted to try some patterns I got off the internet but I don't have suitable material for them so last friday, I went to Anna Patchwork House to check out some fat quarters. Due to the friday traffic and rain, we barely made it on time. I was on a shopping spree and I bought a few things there. Thanks Anna for being so patient with me and provided excellent customer service. I would definitely come and get more supplies from you soon :)

Fat quarters and 1/2 meter fabric
Batting and interface
Plastic bag handle-mahal nih!
Wooden bag handles
Magnetic buttons

The next day (Saturday), I managed to wash all my fabrics before leaving for Colmar Tropicale. 

My spree didn't end there. We managed to swing by to IKEA for more fabrics today; despite the rain and the weekend crowd. We couldn't even park in IKEA but went to the Curve instead. I'm so blessed to have a patient husband who's so considerate. He drove me there, put Danial in Smalland and attended to Arwen, while I was busy choosing my fabric. He did that plus the fact that we just got back from Bukit Tinggi, and went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to do groceries for my MIL.

I can't wait to get started on my projects but must wash all these fabric and pre-shrunk them first... I hope it's sunny tomorrow...