Friday, May 2, 2014

Jalan Kenanga

Last March, taking the advise of friends on Facebook, I went down to Jalan Kenanga to get me a bolt of white fabric for my telekung projects. Mr. Hubster was kind to send me to Jalan Kenanga after we sent the children off to school. We reached Jalan Kenanga at about 9.30ish. Friends told me to look for the shops facing the LRT track. There was these three.

There was more as you turn the corner but I decided to just go back to the first shop and get my material. It was worth getting a whole bolt and after getting it, my orders came pouring in, Alhamdulillah. Good thing I didn’t send my husband off. He waited around so I can leave the bolt in the car and take the ERL back to Putrajaya.

It was nice taking the ERL back but I have to walk almost 2km from the station. It was a good 20-25 minutes walk for me.

I didn’t plan to make a second visit to Jalan Kenanga so soon but I did last Tuesday. I wanted to get a sturdy material for the apron project that I’m working on. I even went to Ikea to check on the home-deco weight fabric but their choice is quite limited. 

The second trip was a lot faster. Jumped into the shop, asked for the material. By now, I know which shop do let you buy in meters instead of the whole bolt. Pay for my goods and jump back into the car. Hubster sent me to KL Sentral where this time around I planned better. I took my bicycle with me. I wheeled it my Black Brommie into KL Sentral to the ERL ticket counter. The man behind the counter was hesitant to sell me a ticket looking at my bicycle. But after a hushed conversation with his colleague, he gave me a ticket.

It took me only 5 minutes from the station to reach home. Lovely ride on a slight downward slope. Next time, I think I’ll tackle Jalan Pudu on bicycle. 

Word of advise for those who wants to go to Jalan Kenanga, do it in the morning. You can even park in front of the shop.