Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fabric Basket

A friend asked me if I can make a fabric basket and attached a picture of it in the email. I knew I saw it somewhere in the web and just googled ‘Fabric Basket’ and the same picture came up. So, I followed the tutorial at Pink Penguin and here’s the result. Not bad for a couple of hours of sewing. One thing’s for sure, I was totally deceived by the picture. The basket came out so much smaller than what I had expected. It still has its cute factor though. Mine was made of all cotton. I don’t have any linen nor do I have any matching heavy cotton. Can do some more. 


  1. cute nya..
    standing still je basket tuh.. guna interface keras ke kat dlmnya?

  2. Mila, thanks. dia elok berdiri pasal pakai batting. handle tu i pakai medium interface so dia tak terkulai.

  3. mana nak dapat batting eks? saya tanya kat kedai jahit diorg suggest pakai span jer.. batting tuh mcm fiber tu kan.. tp nipis skit..