Monday, July 19, 2010

More about the snap press

Draft on April 2nd, 2010:

After my last post, I receive a few enquiries about the snap press. Therefore, I'm adding this post for the benefit of others.

I got the snap press from

Edited recently:

I saw a growing interest in making cloth menstrual pads promoted by Anic in her blog. There was also some mentions about snap press in her comments which reminds me of my snap press entry that stayed as a draft for 3 months!

You can get snap press here, in Malaysia! at Tiny Tapir. Mine is DK-93 which is RM215 which comes with 1 die set which you can choose size 14, 16 or 20. Mine is a size 20 which is good for going through several layers of material like Cloth Diapers (see the ones I made for Arwen here). It also comes with 1000 snaps which you can choose 10 colours for 100 snaps per colour. I put my snaps in a shoe box.

If you’re curious about what is the difference between DK-93 and DK-98. This is my 2 cent worth of product review:
  1. DK-98 is more industrial like. Heavy duty
  2. RM15.00 more expensive
  3. You need an allen key that comes with the press when you change the die which is a ‘NO-NO’ to me as I have a knack of misplacing stuff. Whereas the DK-93, you just screw on the dies to put it on and unscrew it to take it out, easy peasy. 

And if you are wondering what size to get:
  1. size 14, for small stuff like small pouch. It can go through a few layers of thin fabric. 
  2. size 16, for clothing, mama menstrual pads, just nice...
  3. size 20, according to the tiny tapir, most popular size. Orang Melayu kata alang-alang la kan... good to go through multiple layers of fabric like cloth diaper. I used it for Arwen’s cloth diaper, my mamapads here and Azrai’s drumstick case here) Naza uses it in her Mama Bags too...
So, folks, there you go on my take on snap press. Anybody in the Putrajaya vicinity who wants to use my snap press, you are welcome to my humble abode. Let me know via email or comments. 


1 to 5 pairs of snaps (male and female that snaps together) @ RM1.00


Only the colour choice I have in my collection.


Yes, you get to press the snaps with your own strength aka ‘kederat’ with my assistance... 

You can also send me the stuff you want me to press the snaps on and I can do it for you.


  1. kalau dekat2 jer nak tumpang sekaki nii... nak beli the whole set mcm kena buka kedai snap button ler plak hahahaha

  2. Hi Rozi,
    Good idea to provide snap service..

    I am going to write about where to buy the various material for cloth pad, can I include you as snap service provider? :)

  3. Mila, akak la tokey kedai snap button tu hahahaha

    Anic, sure, boleh, takde hal punye...

  4. kak rozi! heee skin nk tumpang gne snap press! hee skin dh ade snap button.. and snap dice sekali.. igt leh je gne menda tuh tanpa press.. rupanya dh 1set hahahaa so nk tumpang skin ade je dice nye skalik:)

  5. skin, boleh-boleh, email/sms akak for appointment ek. (HP number bagi kat email nanti)

  6. Hi Rozi,

    Saya nak hantar buat snap button nie untuk cloth diapers? Nak wat appointment nie. Boleh tak?