Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arwen’s Peasant Dress

Yeay! I managed to take this off my ‘To sew list’. I’ve been meaning to do thing after I saw the tutorial by Maya. It’s just that today I have a reason. Tomorrow we have a wedding reception to attend and I wanted to take my daughter in something that I made. I only have a few hours so the peasant dress just fits the time frame.

It’s my first girl’s dress with designer cotton. It’s All My Heart by Robert Kaufman which I recently bought from Etsy. I found a matching green fat quarter, just enough for the contrast on the sleeves and bottom frills. It’s by Moda.

Other than finding the width of the frill is a little narrow (I made it 3” wide, it should never be less than 4”), I’m happy with how it turned out. But then again, it’s all I can spare with a fat quarter.

Will see if I can snap some pictures with Arwen in it.

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