Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spiderman Wallet

Azrai’s cousin, Chiah called me a few days ago to invite us to her son’s birthday party this saturday. So, I put my thinking cap on to whip up something for a boy’s birthday present. Obviously it has to come from my sewing room and Wallah! A spidey wallet.

Outside view of the wallet

Inside view of the wallet. Two small pockets with cool Spidey action.

I have a lot of left over from Danial’s backpack. It’s a simple wallet. I don’t want to play around with zippers and closure so I just have 3 pockets, one for notes and two for Godknowswhat boys’ stuff. Growing up in KL, do kids really value coins?  I used the scrap denim from Danial’s bag too but I only have small scraps hence the design.

I hope birthday boy, Eji likes it. Making and giving the wallet as a birthday present is the easy part. The tough part is filling up the wallet, hahahaha...


  1. yang merah tuh guna bias tape ke?.. cantik ler. mesti besday boy tuh suka..