Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All in one

I’ve a few things to update so I’m going to put everything in one entry. First, Arwen’s first smocked romper from AE&E magazine. There’s supposed to be some bullion roses but I’m too lazy to add it on. So, it’s going to be as is.

Close up view of the smocking.

Last saturday, managed to shop at Nagoya, Wangsa Maju. The pink stipey fabric is for Danial’s baju melayu. Pretty much set on pink/terra cotta colour theme for this year’s baju raya. The plain fabrics are lycra for my tudung. I’ll put up the extras for sale.

Japanese cotton for another smocking project perhaps...

Yesterday, I got this in the mail. It’s my ‘jarum mas’ courtesy of Rimbun. Thank you :)

My cotton baju kurung. It’s been ages since I sew my own baju kurung. Still have no guts to cut ‘kain licin’ so I made do with cotton.  The kain is also ready. Just have to make the shoulder pads and sew the hook on the kain. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Look

I tested the new design feature on and decided to have a make over. What do you think?

The sewing machine cabinet on my blog title is not mine. How I wish it is.... I’ve been surfing the net and googled sewing machine cabinet and fell in love over and over and over again with the many different types of cabinets for sewing machines. Why oh why don’t they have it here in Malaysia. Love the hydraulic lift that can adjust the height of the sewing machine.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sewing Room reopen and my peasant blouse

Danial and Ami Shahril testing his new toy

My brother came back for a short break from Singapore and I had to clear my sewing room for him. It was his room before he moved to Singapore to join SIA. So, my sewing room was temporarily closed. Today, he checked out of Hotel Putrajaya and checked in Hotel Setiawangsa (my mom’s) and I was itchy to sew something.

I found a tutorial for an adult peasant blouse here and made my template a couple of nights ago. So, this is the result:

I had to make the sleeves into 3/4 sleeves as I ran out of fabric. I don’t know what got into me when I bought the fabric. Red is hardly my colour. In fact this is my first red blouse.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My giveaway prize is here!

I was surprised to see Poslaju notice pasted on my front door when I got back from Bangi. I wasn’t expecting any packages. Then, I remembered, “Hey! I won Zura’s birthday giveaway. That could be it”. So I called up the postoffice to see if the postman has sent the package back to the office so I can go pick it up. The package is there and Arwen is still asleep in the car so I reversed the car and shoot to Poslaju office.

Alhamdulillah, memang rezeki to win this giveaway because I’ve been a fan of Tanya Whelan’s Ava Bag. I’ve even got the pattern. However, making the bag with other fabric didn’t do it justice. Maybe I’ll use one of these to make another Ava Bag for myself... hmmm...

Thanks again Zura for the lovely prize. That’s the easiest giveaway I’ve ever entered and the first too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby gift for Ilisa Elania

I made a dress with smocking bodice and knitted a beanie and tube socks for baby Ilisa Elania, Liris and Rizal’s new bundle of joy and baby sister to Isabel Eryssa.

The template is for 6 months old but for Asian babies, I think this is going to fit the baby at one year old. 

I kept it simple with just one colour. Nothing much in my stash to embellish it even. I’m going behind the fact “Less is more”.

Simple beanie and tube socks. Fast and easy to knit using my stash yarn.

Side tracked - Project Tudung DIY

Last week, I went to Kamdar Kajang with Naza for fabric hunting. I bought some cotton fabric for my baju kurung class at LSN (Read about it here) and picked up some lycra material with the intention of making my own tudung now that I have my overlocker.

I made my own template using my old tudung and here’s my ver 1.1 of tudung DIY:

A lot of tweaking and tuning the machine to get the stitches right. I had to open up the manual, change the foot and use a fine needle. Read a few tutorial from Zila Kassim and Rimbun. The fabric is tricky to handle too. You can’t pull the fabric or the stitch will jump. I spent three quarter of the time undoing the stitches (tetas benang). 

From that, I made the second tudung, ver 1.2. It’s shorter and I chose black as it’s a catch all colour. Something easy for me to grab and wear to fetch Danial from school or go the mamak shop.

Black thread on black fabric is more forgiving. I got away with unsteady stitches. 

And finally, here’s my 3rd tudung, ver 1.3. It’s the same length as ver 1.1 but I cut in a bit more where the fabric is suppose to fall on the shoulder.

Third time’s the charm. Stitches are much better. Work is much neater if I must say so myself. *Pat myself on the shoulder*

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Saturday Outing

This morning I went to LSN’s free jahit baju kurung class. I was half an hour late (traffic jam at Seri Kembangan) and yet I was the second student in the class. I wasn’t thrilled with how the class was organized and conducted, thus shall not elaborate further on how the class went. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to attend tomorrow’s part 2 of the class.

Moving on. My husband took us to IKEA to placate my foul mood after excusing myself from the class. Since we parked in the Curve, and the kids were still groggy from their nap, browsed at Borders and Daiso before crossing over to IKEA. 

Checked in Danial at Smaland (heaven for moms and dads to have their kids occupied for an hour, and what more, it’s FREE!). Azrai went to see a friend at Ikano and I browsed the textile department. I have to refrain myself from stashing as I have limited space in my sewing room and I’ve just indulged myself with a hefty investment recently. (Read about it here). However, I did pick up a few things to help organize things around my sewing room. Azrai got me a wall spotlight as lighting is poor at my sewing table. Hey, isn’t it Father’s Day? I’m supposed to get something for him. Instead of the other way around but I’m not complaining. (Alamak! Apa nak bagi for Father’s Day nih?)

We head back to the Curve and just before going home, we went to Borders again because I couldn’t find the Crafts section (which was on the upper floor). I picked up these two books. It’s been ages since I last bought books. I usually buy crafts magazines because I feel they are more up-to-date.

I was sold by the title of the book. So avant-garde.

I picked this up while queueing to pay the first book. Again, the title intrigued me. If I can make the beautiful things as on the cover of this book in 90 minutes, hey, why not?

To conclude, I’m happy to report that the outing did improve my mood. I’ve also finished knitting baby Ilisa’s no-heel socks and beanie; and finished her dress. That’ll be in my next entry. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My first attempt to pleat with my new pleater was successful. I pleated this sweet mauve polkadot to make a dress for my new niece, Ilisa Elania who came into this world early yesterday morning. Had to put down my wallhanging and Arwen's dress to work in this. Lets see how this turns out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New additions to my sewing room

Sharing space, my old sewing machine meets its new buddy, my new overlocker

Saturday, 12 June 2010 was a full family and acquisition day for Azrai, Rozi and Co. I planned to realized my wishlist. First thing on the agenda was to feed my army. So, since it’s very much mama’s day, mama has to ambil hati (win the hearts of) her troopers. So, first stop was McDonalds Taman Equine for big breakfast which was around 10.30am

The Malay saying goes, “Perut kenyang, hati senang” (loosely translated, “One’s happy with a full tummy”. With that done, my super sporting husband set his GPS to LSN. Theoretically, it should take us about 30 minutes to get there but the road on the GPS wasn’t there physically so we had to chuck Garmin and do it the old fashion way, go blind. We eventually found the place after turning back on a few dead ends and dodgy gravel roads. We lost an hour or so finding the shop but it gave Arwen the nap time she needed. It was going to be a long day and she needed that.

Dashing new Brother

At LSN, I zoomed in for Brother M3034D. A young chap walked me through the basics of the machine. I couldn’t get a discount on the machine but they gave me some freebies; a sewing kit set and Singer machine oil. One can never have enough scissors, or pins, so Horay for freebies! We spent more than an hour there what with the quick tutorial and all.


With the serger tucked in the boot of the car, we head to our next destination, Craftsworld, SS2. The traffic was quite heavy but I am so glad (Alhamdulillah) that my husband didn’t grumble at all. I’ve already called Sabrina to inform her of my arrival and to get my pleater ready. It was already half past one and a quick check with my troopers, everybody is still full, so on we go! At Craftworld, Sabrina showed me the basics of using the pleater. Yada, yada, yada, another hour is gone. Pulled out my Maybank debitcard and settled my payment. The clock showed that it’s almost 3pm.

Read Pleater and magnetic rod

Spool stand to hold my modest collection of thread. More for ease of pleating later on.
If my dad was still around, he’d make me a better one.

Next stop, Tropicana Mall to get groceries for my MIL. Since Danial is ever as sporting as his dad, I took him to wonder around at Toys’r’Us while Azrai do the groceries at Carrefour. I managed to change Arwen’s diaper (Thank God she didn’t do her big business while we’re out) in between and gave her her apple and pear puree while Danial played outside Toys’r’Us. Alhamdulillah, Danial is trained so well that he knows we can only look at the toys and not buy any. He wants Ironman helmet and gloves but we promised him we’re only getting them for his birthday. Even if we get them now, he won’t be able to play with them until his birthday. He decided to wait for his birthday than risk the torture of not enjoying his toys. A lesson on delayed gratification.

We delivered the groceries to my MIL’s. My niece and nephew, Lisa and Mikhel were there for a couple of days. Arwen decided she’s comfortable enough to do her business so I got to clean her up and gave her a quick bath and a change of clothes. She was happy getting all the attention from Nenek and Bibik.

Hunger started to set in after that. My hubby concurred so we went to Lake Club for TeaNer (Tea and Dinner?) It was too early for the roast wagon so we settled for the snack menu.

By the time we got home, it was almost maghrib. A long day indeed. With the grace of God, my troopers were on their best, from Babah to Abang to Adik... with that Mama thank you all.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

CD Toter Offer for June 2010

Special Announcement!!!! I have 4 CD toters in stock. 2 quilted ones and 2 non quilted ones.  Only for this month, the sale of these toters comes with free delivery.(within Malaysia only)  Hurry! Hurry! Place your order now!!!!





Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Month of Recreational Sewing

I made a lot of toters last month and so I thought I’d give the machine and myself a break. I’m calling June, my recreational sewing month. Back to basics... why I started sewing in the first place. Rekindling my passion for patchwork and quilting. I’ve bought this kit when I was taking classes in Epal some two years ago. I dug it out. I’ve cut out all the pieces for the blocks and it’s stage two, assembling the blocks

Danial fell asleep while doing his KUMON worksheet

Arwen reluctantly took a nap when I left her in the playpen.

The kids took a long nap this afternoon and I managed to do up all the diamond blocks.

I have a few things I want to do this month. I’ve already started on Danial’s footballer glove thingy in conjunction with the World Cup fever which is coming soon. Am on the middle finger and I hope to finish at least one first. Check out the Woolly World Cup pattern I got from Simply Knitting.

I’ve also sent some fabric for pleating at Craftworld which is due for collection tomorrow. I wanted to make a smocked dress for Arwen from the AS&E magazine I bought from Cottage Patch some time ago. The pattern is the one on the cover. Something for raya perhaps...

Then I remembered, my sister inlaw is due in June. She’s getting another princess. I’ve yet decided on what to make for her princess. Something to think about.

Looks like I’ve got my hands full. At least, I’m not chasing any deadlines. It’s going to be an easy going thing... or at least that’s what I set out to do.

I’ve sent out all my ready made toters. Right now I don’t have any stock unless some of them come back to me unsold. However, I do still entertain pre-orders. Please select your fabric here and email me for more details.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two more CD Toters

These are from my old stash.

This is the version 1, fully quilted bottom and bias tape binding edge.
Retail price: RM50.00 (not including delivery)
Status: SOLD

This is version 2 with dark brown handles and inner lining.
Retail price: RM40.00 (not including delivery)