Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Smocking Dress

Here’s a dress I finished after putting it down so many times. I did the smocking in three days but the construction of the dress took me so long that I was getting worried that it’d turn out as another one of my UFO (UnFinished prOject). I hate it if that happens but luckily it didn’t.

I took the bodice template from AE & E for an 18 months old but my Arwen is a bit on the petite side. I hope she can fill the dress by raya... 

Close up view of the smocking pattern. Fabric is too busy that it drowned my smocking.

I used snaps as closure. Too lazy to sew up the buttons and make button holes. Plus I have lots of snaps to last me a lifetime!


  1. salam rozi...

    gud job! :) yes busy prints are sometimes a bit difficult when come to thread colour choices but you did well!

  2. salam kenal kak rozi,

    lawanya smocking dress..tak nampak sgt, tp still lawa!!! suka tgk ^^

  3. Salam Erpha :) Thanks... beginner’s blunder la ni... will do better next time. Your work inspires me. :)

    Salam Lynn... Thanks... akak baca keluhan x menang giveaway... don’t give up. Rezeki tu Allah tentukan. Kita kena terus usaha masuk giveaways banyak2 haahaha...

  4. Rozi dear, what a pretty dress. Make me wish my daughter was that young to fit her in that dress.

  5. kak rozi,

    hahaha..saja2 published aritu, nak bagitau kengkawan yg saya ni rajin berusaha. wekekeke! anyway, thanks..mmg kena rajin masuk utk bykkan peluang menang. saya ni ikut angin je..takle rajin sgt :D

  6. Thanks Sally :) Arwen is growing up so fast. I wish I can make more for her before she doesn’t want to wear smocking dresses anymore.

  7. rozi like ur smocking designed. i smock too. selling off9 but now trying to get them on9. feel free to visit my azidarahmat.blogspot.com maybe we can share some knowledges bout smocking?