About this blog

I started this blog as a personal gallery of my needlework. I sew and knitted more actively during my pregnancy (Maybe the nesting mood kicked my creativity into gear). I’ve always been interested in needlework ever since I can remember. More so when we have needlework at school in SRK Convent Sg. Nyior (2), Butterworth. I remembered Cikgu Aminah teaching me embroidery on my red gingham skirt. I even took Home Science during form 1 to form 3 and scored A1 for my SRP for that subject.

I bought my sewing machine from a house to house salesteam that linked to Epal thus got me started with Epal classes and projects. Having started with a good foundation from Epal, I ventured into making more things on my own with the help of the internet. You can find easy projects on the internet for free.

My second pregnancy got me into knitting. I spent hours and a lot of $$$ at a shop in Puchong making baby blanket and sweaters for every members in the family. I bought circular needles online and taught myself to knit in the round and do seamless garment. Just love knitting but our weather is not one that required knitwear. Nevertheless, I love it.

This blog kick started my online business with the sale of my Casserole Dish Carriers aka CD toters. I love making it. I love stashing heavy cotton for it. I still sell them on the blog. Just look up for them.

From the sale of my CD toters, I managed to add new members to my sewing room ie. my overlocker and a pleater. This only means more beautiful items just waiting to be created from my sewing room.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to come again any time :)