Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funky Reversible Arm Sling

My sister in-law had a surgery on her shoulders about a week ago and we went to visit her at the hospital. I saw the hospital issue arm-sling which comes in a blue canvas like material. She has to wear it to support her arm while the shoulder heals. We left the hospital after breakfasting.

Later that evening, my sister in-law texted me and asked me if I can make a ‘nicer’ arm-sling with my designer cotton scraps. She should’ve told me earlier so I could borrow the blue arm-sling as my template. Nevertheless, I agreed and immediately googled for an arm-sling tutorial. It’s amazing how easy it is to find things over the net nowadays. I found a few good tutorial here, here and here and decided I can wing it without a template. 

I used 2 FQ to make the sling reversible. I interfaced one of the FQ for added durability. I used cotton webbing instead of nylon webbing and added a shoulder pad on the strap for extra comfort. I like how it turned out. Cool huh? But I won’t break my arm just so I can wear one of these, No thanks :)

It took me less than an hour to make this. I started after sahur and while waiting for subuh, I cut the fabric. I continued after subuh and had this done. This is me trying on the arm-sling with Groovy in Spring:

And this is the reverse side with Mingle in Black. Both FQs are from Robert Kaufman. 

Dzareen, we pray for your speedy recovery. At least you can recover in style with this arm sling :)


  1. arm sling in style :)

    hoping for your SIL speed recovery too... if not you have to do one more to match the baju raya hehehe

  2. very clever and inspiring. thank you for this. now am off to make my friend a reversible one too!