Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Side tracked - Project Tudung DIY

Last week, I went to Kamdar Kajang with Naza for fabric hunting. I bought some cotton fabric for my baju kurung class at LSN (Read about it here) and picked up some lycra material with the intention of making my own tudung now that I have my overlocker.

I made my own template using my old tudung and here’s my ver 1.1 of tudung DIY:

A lot of tweaking and tuning the machine to get the stitches right. I had to open up the manual, change the foot and use a fine needle. Read a few tutorial from Zila Kassim and Rimbun. The fabric is tricky to handle too. You can’t pull the fabric or the stitch will jump. I spent three quarter of the time undoing the stitches (tetas benang). 

From that, I made the second tudung, ver 1.2. It’s shorter and I chose black as it’s a catch all colour. Something easy for me to grab and wear to fetch Danial from school or go the mamak shop.

Black thread on black fabric is more forgiving. I got away with unsteady stitches. 

And finally, here’s my 3rd tudung, ver 1.3. It’s the same length as ver 1.1 but I cut in a bit more where the fabric is suppose to fall on the shoulder.

Third time’s the charm. Stitches are much better. Work is much neater if I must say so myself. *Pat myself on the shoulder*


  1. congrats... dah jd pon...
    kalau tak mo melompat2 gunalah jarum emas.. I have a lot kat rumah tuh... sbb beli satu peket yg 10 batang, masa beli NV50 dulu pon dapat 2 from LSN.. kalau u nak 1 or 2, I can post it to you (FOC jer)... just drop me an email.. need your address.

  2. Thanks sifu:) pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. Kalau dah offer takkan nak tolakkan? Nanti i email u ek :D

  3. ops.. tetiba plak jd sifu.. saya dah pos jarum tuh td yer.. ada 2 batang..

  4. Terima kasih daun keladi hehehe... Kira sifu la pasal saya belajar dari your tutorial :)