Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My giveaway prize is here!

I was surprised to see Poslaju notice pasted on my front door when I got back from Bangi. I wasn’t expecting any packages. Then, I remembered, “Hey! I won Zura’s birthday giveaway. That could be it”. So I called up the postoffice to see if the postman has sent the package back to the office so I can go pick it up. The package is there and Arwen is still asleep in the car so I reversed the car and shoot to Poslaju office.

Alhamdulillah, memang rezeki to win this giveaway because I’ve been a fan of Tanya Whelan’s Ava Bag. I’ve even got the pattern. However, making the bag with other fabric didn’t do it justice. Maybe I’ll use one of these to make another Ava Bag for myself... hmmm...

Thanks again Zura for the lovely prize. That’s the easiest giveaway I’ve ever entered and the first too.


  1. Hamboi!Hamboi! cepat betul belog pasal ni ek hehehe..
    Finally..u get to make the REAL avabag. Apa lagi..Jangan tunggu lama-lama..nnti lama-lama..kain di ambik orang..( i le tu) hehehe
    *adoyai..baca posting u ni..ralit..tiba-tiba bau hangit..abis nasik i....

  2. Glad you like it! I love it when someone actually sew something out of the fabric and do justice to its pure beauty...can't wait to see the bag Rozi! :)

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