Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby gift for Ilisa Elania

I made a dress with smocking bodice and knitted a beanie and tube socks for baby Ilisa Elania, Liris and Rizal’s new bundle of joy and baby sister to Isabel Eryssa.

The template is for 6 months old but for Asian babies, I think this is going to fit the baby at one year old. 

I kept it simple with just one colour. Nothing much in my stash to embellish it even. I’m going behind the fact “Less is more”.

Simple beanie and tube socks. Fast and easy to knit using my stash yarn.


  1. cantik la color baju smocking ni... :)design pon cantik.. :)

  2. What a wonderful little dress, Rozi. plus beanie & tube socks = CUTE!

  3. cantik sangat... i luv polkadots..:)
    bila la blh jait smocking mcm ni...

  4. Pah, thank you. blocking cam fail je pasal senget sket. x kisah la kan... design belek2 AS&E.

    Dura, thanks :) I’d knit a cardigan for the baby but our weather doesn’t call for us to bundle up baby with layers of clothing.

    Ayda, thanks... I love polkadots too :) start la jahit smocking. nanti ketagih :)