Sunday, June 13, 2010

New additions to my sewing room

Sharing space, my old sewing machine meets its new buddy, my new overlocker

Saturday, 12 June 2010 was a full family and acquisition day for Azrai, Rozi and Co. I planned to realized my wishlist. First thing on the agenda was to feed my army. So, since it’s very much mama’s day, mama has to ambil hati (win the hearts of) her troopers. So, first stop was McDonalds Taman Equine for big breakfast which was around 10.30am

The Malay saying goes, “Perut kenyang, hati senang” (loosely translated, “One’s happy with a full tummy”. With that done, my super sporting husband set his GPS to LSN. Theoretically, it should take us about 30 minutes to get there but the road on the GPS wasn’t there physically so we had to chuck Garmin and do it the old fashion way, go blind. We eventually found the place after turning back on a few dead ends and dodgy gravel roads. We lost an hour or so finding the shop but it gave Arwen the nap time she needed. It was going to be a long day and she needed that.

Dashing new Brother

At LSN, I zoomed in for Brother M3034D. A young chap walked me through the basics of the machine. I couldn’t get a discount on the machine but they gave me some freebies; a sewing kit set and Singer machine oil. One can never have enough scissors, or pins, so Horay for freebies! We spent more than an hour there what with the quick tutorial and all.


With the serger tucked in the boot of the car, we head to our next destination, Craftsworld, SS2. The traffic was quite heavy but I am so glad (Alhamdulillah) that my husband didn’t grumble at all. I’ve already called Sabrina to inform her of my arrival and to get my pleater ready. It was already half past one and a quick check with my troopers, everybody is still full, so on we go! At Craftworld, Sabrina showed me the basics of using the pleater. Yada, yada, yada, another hour is gone. Pulled out my Maybank debitcard and settled my payment. The clock showed that it’s almost 3pm.

Read Pleater and magnetic rod

Spool stand to hold my modest collection of thread. More for ease of pleating later on.
If my dad was still around, he’d make me a better one.

Next stop, Tropicana Mall to get groceries for my MIL. Since Danial is ever as sporting as his dad, I took him to wonder around at Toys’r’Us while Azrai do the groceries at Carrefour. I managed to change Arwen’s diaper (Thank God she didn’t do her big business while we’re out) in between and gave her her apple and pear puree while Danial played outside Toys’r’Us. Alhamdulillah, Danial is trained so well that he knows we can only look at the toys and not buy any. He wants Ironman helmet and gloves but we promised him we’re only getting them for his birthday. Even if we get them now, he won’t be able to play with them until his birthday. He decided to wait for his birthday than risk the torture of not enjoying his toys. A lesson on delayed gratification.

We delivered the groceries to my MIL’s. My niece and nephew, Lisa and Mikhel were there for a couple of days. Arwen decided she’s comfortable enough to do her business so I got to clean her up and gave her a quick bath and a change of clothes. She was happy getting all the attention from Nenek and Bibik.

Hunger started to set in after that. My hubby concurred so we went to Lake Club for TeaNer (Tea and Dinner?) It was too early for the roast wagon so we settled for the snack menu.

By the time we got home, it was almost maghrib. A long day indeed. With the grace of God, my troopers were on their best, from Babah to Abang to Adik... with that Mama thank you all.


  1. baru betul2 mother's day celebration. Satu hari utk mama je. Pastu sampai mlm mama tak leh tido. Now that your workshop is now complete, looking forward to see more projects from u...;)

  2. wah rozi finally the serger ya? congrats girl! pasni mesti sewing up a storm baru semangat kan? siap dapat free gift lagi haha silap ari tu i tak demand from LSN hihi :D

  3. Syukur Rozi....u got it all. The skill, the enthusiast, the ever supportive family and the rezq. The pleater is for smocking right? Look forward to grrrrrrrreat stuff fm u.

  4. @ Naza: Thanks Naza. I needed that little push that pushed me over the edge into buying the serger and pleater, hehehe.

    @ Zura: Thanks Zura. Jahit baju ni still unchartered territory for me but now more reason to jahit baju. This weekend, LSN buat free class jahit baju kurung. Need refresher nak jahit baju kurung. I dah simpan Amy Butler fab for baju kurung for Arwen and me.

    @ Ana: Alhamdulillah. Rezeki comes in many ways kan? Loving family pun rezeki gak, for that I am blessed. Yes, the pleater is for smocking... InsyaAllah, hope to sew more things soon.

  5. Kak.. LSN tu kat mana? Cheras ke?

  6. MamaDanial, (saya pun Mama Danial gak :)) Yea, LSN di Cheras. Google je LSN, mesti jumpa website dia