Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Month of Recreational Sewing

I made a lot of toters last month and so I thought I’d give the machine and myself a break. I’m calling June, my recreational sewing month. Back to basics... why I started sewing in the first place. Rekindling my passion for patchwork and quilting. I’ve bought this kit when I was taking classes in Epal some two years ago. I dug it out. I’ve cut out all the pieces for the blocks and it’s stage two, assembling the blocks

Danial fell asleep while doing his KUMON worksheet

Arwen reluctantly took a nap when I left her in the playpen.

The kids took a long nap this afternoon and I managed to do up all the diamond blocks.

I have a few things I want to do this month. I’ve already started on Danial’s footballer glove thingy in conjunction with the World Cup fever which is coming soon. Am on the middle finger and I hope to finish at least one first. Check out the Woolly World Cup pattern I got from Simply Knitting.

I’ve also sent some fabric for pleating at Craftworld which is due for collection tomorrow. I wanted to make a smocked dress for Arwen from the AS&E magazine I bought from Cottage Patch some time ago. The pattern is the one on the cover. Something for raya perhaps...

Then I remembered, my sister inlaw is due in June. She’s getting another princess. I’ve yet decided on what to make for her princess. Something to think about.

Looks like I’ve got my hands full. At least, I’m not chasing any deadlines. It’s going to be an easy going thing... or at least that’s what I set out to do.

I’ve sent out all my ready made toters. Right now I don’t have any stock unless some of them come back to me unsold. However, I do still entertain pre-orders. Please select your fabric here and email me for more details.

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