Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All in one

I’ve a few things to update so I’m going to put everything in one entry. First, Arwen’s first smocked romper from AE&E magazine. There’s supposed to be some bullion roses but I’m too lazy to add it on. So, it’s going to be as is.

Close up view of the smocking.

Last saturday, managed to shop at Nagoya, Wangsa Maju. The pink stipey fabric is for Danial’s baju melayu. Pretty much set on pink/terra cotta colour theme for this year’s baju raya. The plain fabrics are lycra for my tudung. I’ll put up the extras for sale.

Japanese cotton for another smocking project perhaps...

Yesterday, I got this in the mail. It’s my ‘jarum mas’ courtesy of Rimbun. Thank you :)

My cotton baju kurung. It’s been ages since I sew my own baju kurung. Still have no guts to cut ‘kain licin’ so I made do with cotton.  The kain is also ready. Just have to make the shoulder pads and sew the hook on the kain. 


  1. happy sewing with the new neddle :-)

    smocking rompers tuh sungguh menawan kalbu...

  2. to Mila, thank you. Looking forward to tutorial sulam cabut. Boleh la prektis kat baju melayu lama suamiku utk diberi nafas baru heheheh...