Friday, June 25, 2010

Sewing Room reopen and my peasant blouse

Danial and Ami Shahril testing his new toy

My brother came back for a short break from Singapore and I had to clear my sewing room for him. It was his room before he moved to Singapore to join SIA. So, my sewing room was temporarily closed. Today, he checked out of Hotel Putrajaya and checked in Hotel Setiawangsa (my mom’s) and I was itchy to sew something.

I found a tutorial for an adult peasant blouse here and made my template a couple of nights ago. So, this is the result:

I had to make the sleeves into 3/4 sleeves as I ran out of fabric. I don’t know what got into me when I bought the fabric. Red is hardly my colour. In fact this is my first red blouse.


  1. cantikkkkkkk

    is it an easy project rozi...? love to make 1 for me :)

  2. Glad to hear you have your sewing room back :D The blouse looks great, eemm we need to see it on you to really judge if it's your colour or not.. *grin* really itching to sew something weareable for a change.. hopefully 3 weeks of break will give me a chance to try something new.. *hopefully*

  3. @ Pah, senang sangat. Ikut je tutorial tu easy step by step. Nasib baik kain lembut. My ukuran terlebih2 pasal takut sempit. Kalau kain keras sure kembang semacam jer.

    @ Sue, I camera shy la Sue... I love the camera but the camera don’t love me, how?

  4. nice blouse..thanks for sharing the tutorial.
    nak try buat jugak la satu..

    salam perkenalan, rozi.

  5. Akmal, Thanks :) Selamat mencuba :)