Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Saturday Outing

This morning I went to LSN’s free jahit baju kurung class. I was half an hour late (traffic jam at Seri Kembangan) and yet I was the second student in the class. I wasn’t thrilled with how the class was organized and conducted, thus shall not elaborate further on how the class went. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to attend tomorrow’s part 2 of the class.

Moving on. My husband took us to IKEA to placate my foul mood after excusing myself from the class. Since we parked in the Curve, and the kids were still groggy from their nap, browsed at Borders and Daiso before crossing over to IKEA. 

Checked in Danial at Smaland (heaven for moms and dads to have their kids occupied for an hour, and what more, it’s FREE!). Azrai went to see a friend at Ikano and I browsed the textile department. I have to refrain myself from stashing as I have limited space in my sewing room and I’ve just indulged myself with a hefty investment recently. (Read about it here). However, I did pick up a few things to help organize things around my sewing room. Azrai got me a wall spotlight as lighting is poor at my sewing table. Hey, isn’t it Father’s Day? I’m supposed to get something for him. Instead of the other way around but I’m not complaining. (Alamak! Apa nak bagi for Father’s Day nih?)

We head back to the Curve and just before going home, we went to Borders again because I couldn’t find the Crafts section (which was on the upper floor). I picked up these two books. It’s been ages since I last bought books. I usually buy crafts magazines because I feel they are more up-to-date.

I was sold by the title of the book. So avant-garde.

I picked this up while queueing to pay the first book. Again, the title intrigued me. If I can make the beautiful things as on the cover of this book in 90 minutes, hey, why not?

To conclude, I’m happy to report that the outing did improve my mood. I’ve also finished knitting baby Ilisa’s no-heel socks and beanie; and finished her dress. That’ll be in my next entry. Stay tuned!

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