Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winners of my 1st Giveaway

That’s right! Instead of selecting one winner, I’ve decided to pick TWO!

1. vTec N girL - I hope you still have time to make your diaper bag

2. Afafififahfah - I hope your sister passed her SPM with flying colours, as colourful and vibrant as the fabric of your choice :)

To the rest of the participants of my giveaway, my heartiest gratitude for taking part. It was a tough process to select the winners. If only I could, I’d give everybody what they wished for. Maybe someday, I’ll do another giveaway with the first 50 winners or something like that. Thank you for being my new-found friends in the cyber world. Keep the creative juice flowing.

To the lucky winners, please get in touch with me via email and let me have your mailing particulars. Your gifts are coming your way!


  1. thanks Rozi..patut la semalam i mimpi mng giveaway..rupanya i menang giveaway u...wahh...ske2..dpt fabric cantik lak tu..ni first tm mng ni..huhu..trima kaseh Rozi.

  2. VTec N girL, congrats. I dah dapat email u. nanti I postkan ek

  3. congrats for the winners... it was fun entering the giveaway... :)

  4. faizlily,

    good sport! InsyaAllah there’ll be a next time.