Thursday, April 8, 2010

Side tracked

I’ve been side-tracked with my knitting stuffed toys kit. I’ve completed the yellow checkered cab.

Instead of finishing off the pick up truck, I’ve used the scrap yarn and quickly knitted a ball for Arwen and Danial.

My poor pick up truck with only one wheel....

The ball I made in a few hours using the leftover yarn from the choo choo train and the blue from the sail boat. I used the blue to knit a pair of baby booties. Will show it later.

By the looks of it, have to make another one so each of them has one each...


  1. loving the yellow cab!! soooo cute!! knitting means 2 needles right?? I have been trying my hand at crochetting lately (since all my sewing stuff have been packed for the move), and the ball is cute.. you should make more.. :D

  2. How come the pick up truck ada 1 wheel je? hehehe So..dah complete ke the whole set? Nnti dah complete u amik gambar semua skali in action ye?

  3. My Botang, Thank you :) try la knitting, addictive gak n u get to wear. I knit sweater, tunggu gi genting je dapat pakai hehehe... happy packing n moving, btw.

    Azaidris, kes malas nak menyiapkan wheel tu yang terside track, boleh buat bola apa sume hehehe... ni kira dah siap la nih. dah masuk toybox Arwen dah...