Friday, April 16, 2010

Cloth Liner ver 1.0

Though it’s optional to use a liner with the CD, I find it very practical as the ‘big business’ don’t end up staining the inner part of the CD. I made some using cotton flannel I ordered from I used zig-zag stitch as I don’t have a serger. Looks pretty decent. After all, it’s going next to baby’s bum.

Tested it today. Arwen, like clockwork, did her business and the business just messed up the liner and not the microfleece.

When the baby is solely breastfeeding, the poo stain isn’t so stubborn and it wash off easily without needing pre-soak, etc. But now Arwen has started solids, the stains are a lot more stubborn and difficult to remove. Therefore, having the liner is a good thing. Another plus point, the flannel is so soft and very nice to have next to baby’s skin. I recommend adding a cloth liner to those who are cloth diapering their babies.

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