Monday, April 19, 2010

My bro got me these from Japan

I’ve persuaded, nagged, harassed, coerced, coaxed my steward brother to become my fabric hunter. He’s been going to the States, Europe, Australia and Japan and God knows where. Finally he succumbed to my persistent nagging.

In his recent trip to Japan, he happened to walk into a camera shop that has a fabric shop in it (only in Japan) and sms me what kind of fabric do I want him to get for me. I told him anything on clearance particularly cotton. So he got me these:

I went to pick them up at Ampang today. Best of all, not only I get these fabrics to add to my stash, I got them for FREE too :) Thank you lil’ bro.


  1. Pandai brother u beli yg checkered tu red&blue :).
    Like the macam laura ashley tu...lovely

  2. Thanks Naza :) Boleh harap la adikku sorang nih :)