Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper ver 1.1

Yesterday, I bought the downloadable CD pattern from Very Baby. Cut out and pasted the templates together before sending Danial to KUMON and impatiently waited for Azrai to finish his dinner to start cracking on the cloth diaper. The version 1.0 was exactly according to the instruction. I wasn’t too happy with the pocket opening which is just a slit. Surprisingly, it’s a quickie as I sewed my first CD in a couple of hours. Didn’t get the chance to take pictures of version 1.0 as we’ve put it on Arwen for quality testing early this morning. Below is version 1.1

This morning, it went for quality test where we put it on Arwen as her diaper from last night was very heavy. Even though the waist elastic was rather loose, it actually fits Arwen quite nicely, thanks to the overlap closure in front. Even the elastic around the thigh area is a bit loose but there wasn’t any leakage. Arwen also did her ‘big business’ and there wasn’t any accident. I’m happy to report that the cloth diaper ver 1.0 passed the quality test.

Having all these modifications in my head, I quickly cut out a second piece and made amendments to the pocket opening. This time, I adapted the pattern from Jalie for the elastic casing. You can check out the making of Jalie cloth diaper here and here.

I’ve also followed Jalie’s way of attaching the elastic to the thigh opening instead of the original instruction and top sticth all around.

Here’s Arwen protesting the diaper change. Model’s throwing tantrums...

In a better mood after the change and quick bf.

Back view. Couldn’t get her to stand up to take better pictures. Guess this’ll have to do.

I’m going to make another one with snaps instead of velcro closure later, I hope.

Note: Materials are from PUL limited colour which was on yard sale for USD 5 something instead of USD 8.++ per yard. I thought that was a good deal.

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