Friday, April 9, 2010

A pleasant surprise-Project Diaper is back on

I was in the shower when the mailman knocked on the door with my package! Yeay! I got my package from It’s been over 3 months that I’ve already assumed the package was lost and filed a complaint with them to get my refund back. I’ve already emailed them to say that my order has finally arrived. So excited to start making Arwen’s cloth diaper :)

Orange PUL x 2 yard, Baby animal blue flannel x 2 yards, white DiaperMaker lining jersey x 2 yards, Touch tape easy order combo (loads of them) and Diaper Maker Braided Elastic and a free Sharpie marker 


  1. Hi Rozi,

    Now i know how long it is going to take for mine.. I ordered some PUL & Zorb there early June and still haven't received it... :(

    I guess I just have to wait patiently..

    Thanks for the inspiration for making diapers.. I wanted to make some for my nephew & niece.

  2. Anic, mine is a special case. I ordered during their yard sale and they must have had a big backlog that they’ve overlooked my order. I contacted them in March and only then they processed my order. It took a month for the parcel to reach me.

    Patience is a virtue... Hang in there :)