Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first dress for Arwen

I was supposed to fixed the elastic on Arwen’s PJ but that’s no fun. I ended up clearing my sewing room and reorganizing my stash and my WIPs. I’ve found the pattern for a simple fun dress from Made by Petchy and everything I needed so I made this:

I think the biggest size is for 6-12 months old. It’s a bit short for Arwen but I like the part where it grows with the baby. I’m thinking of adding a pair of pants for it.


  1. Lovely. Best bleh buat dress. Maybe when i ada nice sok bleh la buat kot.

    Tu bukan arwen pakai dgn matching pants ke?

    Btw, part string tu...bias tape folded in two & sewn ke?

  2. Sp pretty Rozi! Suka sangat print tu :)

  3. Thanks Naza . Mana ada matching pants. dia pakai CD kaler putih. and yes, string tu pakai bias tape folded and jahit from Daiso, IOI Mall Puchong.

    Thanks Zura. Kain Kamdar je... lum masa nak introduce designer cotton kot... btw, jeles dgn serger u. beli kat mana ek?

  4. hi rozi... cantik je dress yg u buat ni... BTW i pun ade kain yg sama...huhuhu tp i py color biru n i dah jaitkan utk my girl...mesti u pun beli kt kamdar IOI.....:)

  5. Hi Rozi! Serger I beli kat kedai LSN. Tak pernah jumpa kain ni kat Kamdar, mesti dah abis masa I pegi coz cantik sangat! :)

  6. Zura, Kamdar Putrajaya ke Kamdar IOI Mall? Kamdar Putrajaya limited... ada pun x nampak pasal limited space nak display kain2 diorang