Monday, April 26, 2010

My goodies are here

After weeks of harassments to Borderlinx, they’ve finally delivered my package. Of all days too. I was in KL when the DHL guy called. Luckily my trusty neighbour is around to accept my package. Feast your eyes on my goodies:

More yarns from Knitpicks. I haven’t decided on what to do with them but they might come in handy one day.

My first Amy Butler fab! Love the whole 5.5 yards of them! Planning to do Arwen’s and my own baju kurung for next raya. Better try on other fabric first before I cut this one. It’s so delicious!

Spiderman fabric for Danial. I plan to make a backpack for him with this fabby.

Danial looking very pleased with his Spiderman fabric. He’ll be on my case until the bag is finished. 

p/s: I’ve been bitten by the blog bug. The first thing I did after pick up the packages from my neighbour was to take pictures and upload them and blog about them. Sharing is caring, right?


  1. Hanya satu perkataan utk mu : J.E.A.L.O.U.S ;)

  2. Naza, hehehe... takpe, jangan D.E.N.G.K.I.

  3. hi kak...
    cantik yarn tu ...
    murah ker harga yarn Knitpicks??

  4. Wie, you check sendiri harga kat To me, it’s quite reasonable walaupun lepas add delivery charges. (kira double dari harga asal) compared to local yarn shops. I like cotton yarns, just in case orang allergic to wool. Plus, cotton lagi senang nak care and sangat2 sesuai for baby stuff. Problem with knitpicks is dia tak ship to Malaysia. I have to use US address like Borderlinx for Citibank.