Friday, January 14, 2011

What happened last Wednesday

It started with a message in my Facebook inbox by Mashitah Abd Rahman, a journalist from Nur requesting me to do an interview. It was a pleasant surprise and an honor indeed to have been chosen from the many talented crafters in CraftZone (According to her, she found me there).

In addition to the interview, I was asked to fill up the DIY column in the magazine. I had to sleep over it before saying ‘yes’. 

Fast forward on D-day. I converted my dining table to my work table. I made 2 items, the ipad cover and the iphone/ipod/handphone pouch using Metro Market Apples in Black and Mingle in Red.

My makeshift work station

My ever-supportive husband, Azrai agreed to babysit Arwen for the duration of the photoshoot and interview despite his busy schedule. For that, I’m eternally grateful. (At this juncture, I’ve taken him and the kids for a dinner treat as ‘upah’)
Azrai trying to get some work done and Arwen pretending to read

 Puan Mashitah and Mr. Photographer (I’m sorry I didn’t get his name) came and we went straight to business taking photo shots of the steps to make the cover and pouch.

Mashitah approving the shots
 Long story short, we finished the photo shoot at about noon and we had something to eat while Mashitah interviewed me. I made macaroni soup, something easy as you chuck in all the ingredients and let it simmer and just add macaroni before serving.

Whatever it takes to get a good shot
I don’t mind the demo shots but I’m quite stiff when it come to personal photo shoot. I literally have to say “tiga” to smile for the camera. The camera don’t really like me that much. That’s why I prefer to be the person behind the camera.

Anyway, this is to go in the March 2011 issue, InsyaAllah. I hope they can find enough decent pictures to put in the magazine. My hats off to Mashitah. In the call of duty, it’s amazing for someone who doesn’t sew to explain it in the magazine. So, don’t forget to get the issue when it’s out.

Thank you Mashitah and Karangkraf for giving me this golden opportunity to be featured in Nur. Thank you Mr. Photographer for being patient with me. I hope you got my good side. Another milestone for me and Rozi’s Needlework. 


  1. bestnyer kak!!
    tak sabar nak tunggu mac.. hehe..
    tahniah ek..

    akak tak tunjuk hasil knitting akak ke?

  2. congrat kak rozi... I am proud of u :)

  3. Zila, Thank you. Tunjuk gak :)

    Mila, thank you. It’s very rewarding because it’s something you’re passionate about; sewing, needlework nih.

  4. congrats kak rozi! u really deserve it. i'm gonna buy the March issue ^^

  5. Thanks Ween. Btw, lupa nak cakap, kain dah dapat dah lama... lupa nak bagitau.

  6. Great news!! Tak sabar nak tengok your work published Rozi! Way to go girl!!