Thursday, January 20, 2011

Apple of my eye dress

My first attempt to combine my two favorite crafts; knitting and sewing. I knitted the bodice a few weeks back. It’s knitted seamless from the top down; raglan style. I used the cotton boucle (pronounced ‘bou-klay’) yarn that I stashed from Knitpicks which is super-soft. The neck and sleeve borders are knitted in garter stitch while the rest of the body is in stockinette stitch. The weather and the upcoming festive celebration are some of the factors that inspired me to make this as most of Arwen’s dresses are sleeveless and I thought something like this would keep her comfortable. Even if the weather is warm, the bodice would not be too warm for her.

So this morning, I joined the bodice to the skirt. It was a quick fix. I used Robert Kaufman’s Metro Market Apples in Black by Anne Kelle. (This fabric is on CNY promo in Lil Arwen) I cut the fabric about 14” length, serged the edges, joined the selvages, fold in about one inch for the skirt hem and sew; make gathers and join the bodice to the skirt and TADA!!!! It’s ready to wear.

Maybe it’s the Chinese New Year mood, I’m into red lately.

Some more photos of the apples of my eye clowning around.

Arwen adores her big brother, Danial

Danial is trying to imitate Naruto

5 minute break
Enjoy Thaipusam public holiday folks, or what’s left of it, anyway.


  1. aaawwww this is super cute.. love the knitted bodice.. the red totally looks gorgeous on fair Arwen..

  2. suka btol tgk gmbr Armen senyum.. super cute. mesti seronok tu dpt baju baru.. :)

  3. Thanks Sue :) I love the bodice too. When I got the yarn, I had no idea on what to make out of it. Now, it just fell into place. I think I’m going to make more knitted bodice.

    Thanks Zila :) susah nak dapat Arwen senyum tu :) actually, dia taknak pakai baju lepas mandi. puaslah bergusti dengan dia nak pakaikan baju tu.

  4. cantik n perfect... cute je muka dia dpt melaram baju baru.. merah buat dia lagi ceria..:)

  5. Beautiful work, Rozi! Comel Arwen. :)