Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring cleaning and Work In Progress

I’ve been  hard at work, spring cleaning around the house these past two days. One particular reason is I’m expecting special guests this coming Wednesday, InsyaAllah. Am excited at the prospect of having these guests over to view my work.

Being the hardcore crafter (ye ke? heheheh...) even when I sit down to take a break after vacuuming and moping the house and tackling 3 loads of laundry, I will automatically pick up my knitting needles. I can’t just sit still. Even when after all the housework, my muscles and joints are aching (signs of age catching up with me) and feeling numb all over, I would still do a few rows of knitting.

This is what’s on my needles right now. I bet my friend is wondering why is it taking a while for me to finish this shrug. I actually had to do the front panels three times as I wasn’t happy with the outcome. I’ve decided to modify and not follow the pattern to the letter as I’m using a different type of yarn. The yarn I’m using is Rowan Cotton Milk DK in Humbugs. It’s a lovely pastel grey though in this picture it looks a bit on the dark side. It’s actually much lighter. 

I’m working on the sleeve part and like the front panel, I normally do them two at a time. I hate counting rows and lousy at keeping track. So by doing it both at the same time, I reduce the chances of having one sleeve longer than the other :) This is how I was taught to knit and I felt it’s a great idea. The only drawback is you have to untangle your yarn once in a while as you’ll be knitting from two balls of yarn.

I’m almost 3/4 of the way in this project and only used 4 balls of yarn. I think another two balls would finish the project as I need to do the cuff and neckband.  I hope I can get this ready by the end of this coming week. 

As for my spring cleaning project, I’ve cleaned and cleared until I can’t clean and clear any more. And there’s still loads to go. A mommy’s job never ends.


  1. never ending story with the housework.. I wish I had a helping hand hihihi

  2. :) biasa la MIla :) btw, nametag tu akan diusahakan soon. will let u know