Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Romper, A Passport Holder and Another Sexy Viao Pocket Series Cover

My second romper 98% finished. What’s missing is the buttons and the snap buttons on the crotch. Have to go get the buttons at Karysma later. Started this after dinner last night till 1am from scratch. This is from 1 yard of fabric made for size 18 months. The instructions said for this size,  you need 1 1/8 yards. But I managed to squeeze it in one yard. This fabric is from my old stash from one of my baby quilts projects done long ago. It’s In My Own Backyard from FabricQuilt. I got about 1 and a half meters lying around which is just dandy for a baby boy romper. This one is for Baby Muqri. He missed the magic date of 20.10.2010 when he decided to come into this world, in the wee hours of 21.10.2010. But that doesn’t make him any less special. Decided not to make booties this time around as the booties is for size 6 months. The baby would have outgrown the booties by the time he can fit into the romper.

Remember the first romper. I have enough scraps to make me a passport cover. It’s a simple cover just like the one you can buy from the passport office (the maroon colour one) but I don’t have that. I have the one I got from Reliance Travel & Tour. I’d rather have the fun and bright passport cover than the boring run of the mill PVC type, don’t you? I plan to make more from the scraps that’s building up in my scrap box. Interested? 

I almost forgot to blog about this cover. My friend asked for a second cover after the not the normal notebook cover I made her. So I made her this, using Amy Butler’s Flower Paisley in Apricot. This time, instead of the normal batting, I knitted the padding with Knitpicks’ cotton yarn. I knitted two yarns (Creme Brulle and Marmalade) together to get the random effect. It has a little stretch so it will fit the notebook snuggly. It’s also reversible :)

And to top it off, Arwen’s morning face as she walked into my sewing room; lomofied. Off to get her ‘shushu’ and give her a bath.


  1. From Akif : "Aunty Rozi!!! Make one for Akif la...Or potongkan kain ke hehehe.. So mami boleh skip steps potong pattern, cantum2..potong kain. Tinggal jahit je :D. Mami is taking the longest time to make me the romper that by the time she does, I may not be able to fit into it anymore huhu.." :P

  2. Akif cakap kat mami camni, “All the steps in putting the patterns together and cutting it out and cutting the fabric is necessary to build character and skills. The beauty of crafting is not in the end product itself but throughout the journey to see it to the end. That’s where the satisfaction is” Cewah!