Saturday, January 15, 2011

Only This Cat Is Allowed On The Table!

Several reasons for this tea cosy to come into existence:

  • My dear cousin, Elaine, asked me for one many moons ago
  • TiniHani is hosting a tea cosy sew-along (Jom Jahit)
  • The pattern is too cute to resist!
I found the pattern here: Bustle and Sew. Isn’t it just adorable. Only this cat is allowed on the table :) and I know Elaine is a big cat lover.

I made this using some left over corduroy in khaki and hand-stitch the cat’s face, whiskers, paws and tail. The reverse is a very elegant English flower motive cotton (duh! lupa amik gambar). 

To Elaine, I hope you like this. It’s going your way and thank you for the shout out in Facebook.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!