Sunday, January 23, 2011

From SEOUL with Love

I have a friend who’s on temporary attachment in Seoul. I’ve been watching her post pictures in her Facebook of her shopping expeditions for friends back home. One of it was a picture of a shop selling knitwear and I immediately thought of asking her to scout some yarns for me.

I was apprehensive whether I can get a non-knitter to shop for the right yarn for me. But she did an excellent job at it. I didn’t even know how to begin telling her what yarn to get. She admits that she only knows Minlon yarn. So, she went scouting for a yarn shop and found several and took photos, uploaded them in her FB and tagged me to them. I told her what colours I want, what content of yarn and what size, telling her to check the yarn band for the information. And very importantly, my budget :). The second time around, she got these for me and I’m thrilled. 

Can’t wait for her to come back to home ground to get these beauties. Now, that I’ve made a knitted bodice for Arwen, I know I can use these for some more knitted bodice for dresses.

Thank you Mariana!


  1. kak rozi.. tak request ur fren belikan linen fabric ke?? Korean linen banyak yg cantik2

  2. Wow! Beautiful and colorful yarns! Bestnye dapat yarns cantik cam tu!

  3. wah....cantik kaler yarn nie... ;)