Friday, October 8, 2010

A Pillow for my BFF

The skies are gloomy this morning. The sunlight didn’t come into the house so I set up my props outdoors to take pictures of my recent projects. One of it is a pillow cover for my BFF.

My BFF since we’re 19. She’s having her housewarming cum hari raya open house this saturday. I wanted to make something for her new home so I made her this pillow cover. Combining my various interests in photo-editing and sewing into one. I made a simple collage of her and the many hats she wear. Printed it on an iron-on transfer and transfered it onto a white cotton cloth. Then I just make a simple border from my Andromeda Fat Quarters collection I’ve been keeping.

To be honest, even this photo has been edited. The picture of my friend didn’t come out as nicely as you see here. I’ve wasted 3 iron-on transfers and got the same result so I decided to go ahead with it. This is how I envisioned it to be. So, a tip for those who fancy trying this, keep it to text or simple designs.

To my dear Lynne. Congratulations on your new home. May our friendship lasts forever. I love you my dear friend...


  1. WOW... never think of a DIY photo in the cushion cover... but recently I saw a photo cushion cover at convest at IIUM, the price is about RM40++ if not mistaken. I thot that only professional can do that.

  2. @ Mila, I take your comment as a compliment la ye. Kira Akak nih setanding profesional la kakakakaka... Belum cuba, belum tau kan... Ingat nak print direct atas kain tapi takut ink run pulak. so better atas iron on transfer la kot.

    @ Azaidris, dah buat post baru perasan ada cam ciplak2 your BFF pillow nye nama la... and thanks :)

  3. memang susah nak buat..smpi bpeluh2..huhu..nway,sgt cantik!!