Friday, October 22, 2010

The final series of the lumbar covers

This is the final update on my new lumbar cushion covers with Amy Butler’s Lotus Pond in Ivory. The other entries are here and here. Now my sofa has a fresh look. It’s true that you can’t force creativity. I was dragging this project after the first two covers. Took me some time to finish the third cover. When the mood set it last night, I finished the final two covers (the left and right most covers in the picture above) in less than an hour. 

Now, on to the next project...


  1. So so pretty! I like vay much

  2. Two thumb up!
    Setting cantik. Suka nmpk where the light comes in. Betul like :)

    p/s - Hafiy kata bila lah dia boleh golek2 atas kusyen baru aunty rozi hehehe

  3. Zara, thanks :)

    Azaidris, setting dah fixed la beb. sofa kat situ jer. tapi tarik blinds kasi natural light masuk la. gambar x edit pun.
    p/s: Hafiy nak golek2 atas kusyen? hahahah, boleh, boleh... dah buat cantik2... kita kena boleh enjoy benda nih. bukan utk display aje.