Friday, October 8, 2010

My Patchwork Bag

I realized that I don’t have a bag to call my own when I went for tea at Hajjar’s a few weeks ago. I’ve been comfortable sharing Arwen’s diaper bag that when I went solo, I don’t have a bag to put my own things in. 

So, after finishing cushion cover for my BFF, I’ve decided to make a tote for myself. I love the Andromeda colour palatte so, it just make sense that I make a bag out of the fat quarters. My inspiration is from Angela’s diaper bag

I quilted the patchwork in the ditch and 1/4 inch from the edge. Went the extra mile matching the thread with the colour of the fabric as best as I can. 

There’s only two side pockets outside. One long zippered pocket on one side and 3 elasticized pockets on the other side. I’ve added a key-holder with a decorative ribbon. You know how you keep losing things in a big bag especially keys? And you end up turning your bag upside down and throwing all its contents out to find the carkeys.It’s an idea that Naza of Itsy Doodles has been incorporating in her Chic Mama Totes after our many sessions of brain-storming, over Arwen and Akif’s play-dates.

Now, Arwen gets to share MY bag while I soak her diaper bag in super-strong detergent. Arwen is 17 months now and the bag hasn’t been washed that long. 


  1. Really awesome bag! So pretty!! Wish I had the patience to come up with something like that...


  2. wahhh siap ada brainstorming session tuh.... bravo bravo..

    really a cute bag..

  3. Cantiknyeeee... Susah buat beg macam nie. Koz Sue ada buatkan for customer aritu... 3 hari asyik buat beg tu jer.. Potong, melukis, jahit dan sebagainye... :)

  4. tulah rozi. actually byk keje/masa gak just utk buat patchwork tu rather that buat beg kan.. i wonder people yg buat patchwork lain bentuk dr empat segi tu. how patient there are nak siapkan.

  5. Sangat la canteks!..Dlm MMS tak nampak seri bag nih hehehe. Berkenan betul kat FQ u tu ever since tgk hari tu. Mmg berbaloi la buat bag :D

  6. @ Mila, hehehe, jangan ingat org corporate, keje opis je ada brainstorming session. Super mommies pun ada brainstorming sessions... saje pilih ayat power. ayat biasa2 is exchange of ideas... and thanks :)

    @ suerosly, tengok link Angela diaper bag tu, ok kot. tak la susah sangat.

    @ Shafri, yes, buat patchwork n quilting tu yang makan masa. nak cantum jadi bag, sekejap je. I think, bila kita keep it simple, lagi terserlah ke’cun’an bag tu *perasan*

    @ Azaidris, TQ... next time, kalau ada FQ bundles, I buat sale oks?

  7. super cute!!! I love the colour combo!! yumm!!

  8. very nice..I love the combination :)

  9. Thanks Kak Zai... it’s from a FQ bundle, so no brainer to find a good combination