Sunday, October 31, 2010

A gift for Aunty Tasha

Natasha Nordin Manan is leaving for a 6 months backpack adventure in New Zealand. How cool is that? Tasha is related to me by marriage. She’s my uncle’s wife’s niece. My uncle is my dad’s elder brother (Pak Long). Back to Tasha. She started her travelog here. I’m looking forward to seeing New Zealand, the land of The Lords of The Ring through her eyes. She’s actually going in summer but I hope she’d find a use for this scarf as the weather gets cooler towards May next year.

Tasha advocates green living so I’ve recycled this gift box to put her scarf in. It was a box which Arwen’s first baju kurung came in from Shapiah of Chempaka Damask. I recycled every bit of it, from the box to the ribbon and the bit of strand thingy. 

To Tasha, Bon Voyage! We hope you have a blast in this adventure of yours. Knowing you, you’ll set the trail on fire :) Be safe and we’re going to miss you.

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