Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Lumbar Cushion Covers

I washed the covers for my lumbar cushions on my sofa recently. After the wash, I wanted to put them on again but ALL, yes, ALL the zip on the covers went bust. My sofa is older than Danial and I guess when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

I’ve been meaning to make new covers for the lumbar cushions anyway. It just that it never climb up on the list of things to make until this incident. My cushions were naked without a cover for a week. Good thing I wasn’t expecting any guests or received one for that matter.

A quick measure, and sew on the hems and the sides and Wallah! I made two early this morning and used snaps button in metallic grey as the closure. Danial noticed it the first thing when he woke up and complimented it. They got comfortable and I snapped their photo on the sofa. Aren’t they just darlings? My babies as well as the covers, in no particular order, hehehe...


  1. Yes they no particular order,hehehe... I sooo..envy you..on the gojes covers that it ;)

  2. Thank you dear friend :) takpe, sama2 kita pile up stash kain gojes heheheh

  3. cantiknyerrr.. love it
    I guess mesti budak 2 orang tuh belum mandi tu kikiki..

  4. Thanks Mila.
    Arwen tu dah mandi, rambut basah tu. Abang yang lum mandi heheheh