Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wall of Magnets

I ran out of fridge door to put up my fridge magnets. My friend, Lynne displayed her collection on these boards you can get from IKEA so I copied her. It was a Maal Hijrah’s project for my husband to drill and put up the boards on the wall. When I transferred my magnets, I have more space to put up more :) These magnets were bought during our vacations and from my brother who’s a steward. He’s helping me build my fridge magnet collection.

Now, how is this related to craft? Non whatsoever. Just thought of sharing the idea though.


  1. Wow.. that's a good collection.. I have similar hobby as well, and instead of putting them up on the fridge (they tend to get in the way or fall especially when you are in a hurry :( I display them on the coat cabinet door.

  2. wahhh banyaknyer... jelezzzz haha
    dulu2 masa Izzah kecik selalu jugak kumpul, takde ler banyak, tp dah habis dikerjakannya oleh izzah...

  3. i love it too

    me too like to collect fridge magnet.. but not as many as yours.. as im not the travel person... :)

    but my cousin always gave me 1 or 2 when she went for a vacation..

    keep it up n i hope i can collect more...

  4. Hehe..sama macam mila. Dulu letak..pastu kimi dok main la..hilang. Come hafiy, the same thing. So precious magnets all stored away (from my kids). Tunggu dah besar sikit baru boleh display balik.

    In the mean time, diaorg main Tok diaorg punya fridge magnet hahahah *evil mommy*

  5. Sue, Tell me about it! I don’t know how many I’ve broken and thrown away when they ‘get in the way’ on the fridge door.

    Pah, love to travel but don’t travel much either especially now with two young kids. Get to see the world from my bro’s fridge magnets pun jadilah :)

    Naza, cannot sayang things like that. Law of abundance, there’ll always be more :)