Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not The Normal Notebook Cover

The green board has been generous to a friend of mine and she got herself a new toy (she wouldn’t call it a ‘toy’ but I would :)). It’s a Sony Viao pocket notebook, P series in this gorgeous orange. Isn’t it cute? She asked me to make a cover for it and so I did but it’s no ordinary notebook cover. 

 I saw something similar to what I’ve made on the net but it was made out of felt and a no sew cover. I searched some more and found that it’s an Amy Butler’s Laptop cover design. All the more appropriate, using the Amy Butler’s design as my inspiration on Amy Butler’s Geisha Fans in Clay fabric.

The lining material is corduroy in khaki. I thought the soft texture of corduroy would protect the cute pocket notebook from scratches. But it’s also reversible! I have a thing about things reversible hahahah! Enjoy the pictures below:

I’ve also sandwiched batting between the two fabric for added protection. Here’s my mark: 
To my friend, I hope the green board is ever generous to you. Thank you for letting me go wild with my craft. I hope you like it and more importantly I hope it fits. (I got the dimensions out of the product specification on Sony website) Otherwise, how the h**l am I going to find another Viao P series notebook owner to sell this to?!!!