Friday, December 10, 2010

Sewing Room Facelift and SEX

I’ve added yet another table into my sewing room as to make room for my sewing machines. It’s a second hand still from my husband’s office. It’s actually ours from our old home office. I kept one which is my current computer table and hubby took his to office. Then he bought a new table and I asked for the table to be sent home. It’s a lovely big table, great for cutting so I’m trying to keep that as clear as possible.

Ironically, I’ve been locked out from my sewing room. The lock on the door got stuck and it’s now jammed. The only access to the room is through the adjoining bathroom from Danial’s room. Maybe the room wants to stay neat and tidy before I trash it up when I start sewing.

After the tidying up, how do I reward myself? Why, by a Stash Enhancing eXpedition, what else. This time, my find, corduroy! It only came in 3 colours, dark blue, dull green or teal (something like the secondary school boy’s pants) and black. Since it’s quite difficult to get  and it’s only available in 3 colours, I grabbed all three. Anybody interested in these? I can organize a pre-order. The price is RM18.00 per meter. It’s 45” wide.
I found cotton denim too. I don’t know if it’s the correct term but it looks like denim but cotton or quilt weight. 60” wide. RM20.00 per meter. Open for pre-order too.

Email me if you’re interested in the pre-order. I’m just going to have this pre-order open until 24 December 2010. I might go to the shop on christmas. The price is not inclusive of delivery. If you’re interested, I would request a 50% deposit and full settlement before I send out the fabric. if it’s out of stock, I will refund your money.

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