Friday, December 17, 2010

A new project-Girls’ Shrug

Usually I’d post an entry on finished project. However, activities in my sewing room has been rather quiet lately that I’ve decided to blog about a new project I’m about to embark, a shrug for my primary school classmate’s daughter.

The wonders of Facebook, reconnecting old friends. I found my classmates from my primary school years in Sekolah Rendah Convent (2) Sg. Nyior, Butterworth. One of them, has eventually moved to Putrajaya and send her children to the same kindy as Danial but we’ve yet to meet.

Its funny when my schoolmates recalled Cikgu Aminah and our little needlework projects. I don’t know whether it was in the syllabus but we used to have a session on sewing lesson at least once a week. We’d have a sewing assignment which we have to finished and by year end, on price-giving day, we get to display our work for the parents to view. The teacher would choose the pretty ones of course. I remember I did a string-bag with simple embroidered motives and for standard 5, we made gingham skirt with embroidery around the bottom edge.

I’m so touched that many of my friends and family follow my blog quietly and supports me in their own special ways.

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